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.˚ *꒰ঌAbout me + Interaction list໒꒱ * ˚.

About me!
Names: Ozzie, Stu, Simon, Roxxie, Sydney, Jackie/Jack
Pronouns: It/Its, Ze/Zim/Zis, Pup/Pups/Pupself, + any other space/horror/animal themed neos
Interests: Scream (1994), South Park, Fairly Odd Parents, Regretavtor, Needy Streamer Overload, Lost Footage/Analog Horror, and a bunch of other stuff

Interact list:
LGBTQ+, People who like what I like, people with mental disorders, age regressors, pet regressors (i'm a safe space <3) and just nice people in general!

Thin ice:
Dsmp fans (non-toxic), people who are fans of morally bad fandoms, adults, people who ignore boundaries, Wilbur Soot defenders, and more.. (but you're mostly fine if you add with these conditions)

Basic dni criteria, Dream Stans, Proshippers, Gore accounts, P0rn accounts, Trans/Homophobes, people who purposefully hurt others, and then a bunch more..so if you're a bad person don't even bother.

that's alll :3

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