01 ¦ ★ weird, old, abandoned websites - ʙʟᴏɢ ᴘᴏꜱᴛ ⌫

hello! ive been looking around and searching for old websites and i came across some weird ones. ive entered all of these myself and i didnt find any threats, so they should all be safe.


✅ - completely safe to navigate and click links (just don’t click on ads)

⚠️ - safe to navigate BUT clicking links could be unsafe (click at your own risk)

🪩 - potential flashing lights 

🔉 - potential loud / disturbing audio 

🔞 - NSFW

🧬 - NSFL

❌- potential disturbing imagery / content

👹 potential jumpscares



this website is in norwegian and it appears to be like a catalog. good lord the way this is organized it's beautiful yet chaotic. 



this is a very simple, black and white website where all you can do is torture barney with different weapons. odd af...




similar to youtube but with a retro look. just be aware this website has some g0re videos going around and it is infected with r4cist ppl. i added it bc of its retro look and bc you can also find some odd videos and comments.

edit: after looking in the comments many people suggested BitView as a non gore alternative to VidLii. (https://www.bitview.net/)


★ https://yvettesbridalformal.p1r8.net/ 


one of my favorites. hella chaotic and includes a bunch of links. id say it can be a rabbit hole if you keep looking around and clicking each link you come across. one warning though, sometimes when you enter this website, or any of the links in it, it will download a music file. this is not a virus or anything, but i recommend deleting it right away. i heard somewhere... i cant recall if it was reddit or in a youtube video but someone mentioned that this website used to have music whenever youd enter, but for some reason it doesnt work anymore. for that reason, it downloads the music file.


★ http://erzsike-viragai.portfolioz.net/ ★

this website is in hungarian and it appears to be a site where you can look at and download gifs, pictures, and holiday cards. i DO NOT recommend downloading anything from here. 




another crazy, yet well-organized website. looks retro and it is interactive. one of my favorites as well.


lmk if any of these need extra warnings, i obviously havent checked out every website entirely (itd probably take me months). so if yall find something on any of these websites that needs a different/extra warning plz lmk and ill add/fix it :3

i might go looking around for more and make another blog. another reminder, these are safe to navigate around, but pls be careful where you click and what you download. if you have any website suggestions leave it in the comments =)

!!! PART 2 IS UP !!! :3

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bela ♱

bela ♱'s profile picture

vidlii is sickening omg

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✩ internet boy ✩

✩ internet boy ✩'s profile picture

Un so shocked (⊙_⊙)

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by hypercas; ; Report

Purple Hammerhead

Purple Hammerhead's profile picture

This is great, I really like Cameron's World and I'll surf some more of the others later, thanks for these

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cyberDecay's profile picture

vidlii has necropedophilic content on it, it goes beyond gore. i wouldnt really recommend looking it up even if you can tolerate bloody stuff. it goes as far as babies being really, really hurt and explicit pics of dead kids. so just be warned since op didnt mention that type of gore content.

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oh yikes I didn't notice that. thank you for mentioning it!

by ♡ 𝘴𝘷𝘦𝘵𝘭𝘢𝘯𝘢 ♡; ; Report

it's fine, if anything im glad you didnt see it :-) just wanted to give a little warning in the comments

by cyberDecay; ; Report

holy shit that sounds terrifying

by lola🍫; ; Report

zerogravity /(0v0)\

zerogravity /(0v0)\'s profile picture

i clicked on one of the videos on that vidii website because i thought it was find but there was a jump scare of someone getting there head cut off. (-_-) my stomach hurts

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she warned that there might be g0r3 videos...

by ๑ ׂ . ( magna ) な ׂ ꓹ !; ; Report


Murderous_Crow>w<'s profile picture

i wasted way too much time on the barney site

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robbie's profile picture

the last one was so cool 2 look at

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Right ? I saw the entire thing (not all the links tho) and it's so interesting, all the different aesthetics and ideas

by Purple Hammerhead; ; Report

YEAH!! I didn’t click any of the links either I didn’t wanna risk it lolz

by robbie; ; Report

denniizzz ♱

denniizzz ♱'s profile picture

vidlii scared the fuck out of me :sob:

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Ayesha - lustpuppy

Ayesha - lustpuppy's profile picture

VidLii tramutized me :(( I like the website design tho ^^

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SkyeDarkclaw's profile picture

It sucks that VidLii is so infested with gore and racism. Its such a cool thing to have a site that looks like oldschool youtube. If only people could just be normal for once

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i agree. some ppl suggested bitview as an alternative so maybe try that :)

by ♡ 𝘴𝘷𝘦𝘵𝘭𝘢𝘯𝘢 ♡; ; Report


by SuperGlitter 🌺 (leaving); ; Report

I tried bitview and yeah its pretty nice. Wish it had a bigger user base but the community on it is really cool and they have contests a lot

by SkyeDarkclaw; ; Report

Rowan the cub:3

Rowan the cub:3's profile picture

saving these bbgs for tmrw ^.^

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weepingcoffin's profile picture

camerons world is so cool i love the whole retro look

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Nana !! ヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ"

Nana !! ヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ"'s profile picture

I entered to the viidi one and It showed me a gor3 video, I AM TRAUMATIZED

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i'm curious, should i open it or is it bad?

by em☆ma; ; Report


by SuperGlitter 🌺 (leaving); ; Report

Emma Don't open that

by Nana !! ヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ"; ; Report

i think i'll just stay curious

by em☆ma; ; Report

i wish i stayed curious too...

by Emmis <3; ; Report

ill just stay curious then

by lola🍫; ; Report

Vivi !!

Vivi !!'s profile picture

Just wondering how does one find websites like these?, I'm super interested in exploring some but I can't really find any.

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i just go on reddit or youtube looking for weird/retro websites. on yt there are several videos explaining some websites in each tier of the iceberg. it's pretty interesting but most last over an hour just letting u know just in case that's smth that bothers u

by ♡ 𝘴𝘷𝘦𝘵𝘭𝘢𝘯𝘢 ♡; ; Report


crakal.l4ckin's profile picture

Love the last website! I'll definetly go on it to keep me entertained

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Alixxz03 's profile picture

increible, me gustaria ver mas

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Nuuuchican 's profile picture

Oh my gosh ill definitely ve looking through these, ugh this is so cool, ive been trying to find some cool reto sites as well but I bot the best at these things...

If you find more please share 🙏🙏

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FarfromConcern's profile picture

My edgy ass loves the Barney one, and I'm surprised it's actually fictional on mobile lol

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Update, I have just traumatized myself on with the funky town gore video.

by FarfromConcern; ; Report

レイン-Iwakura Lain

レイン-Iwakura Lain's profile picture

I love seeing how weird the internet can beXDXDD

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by Alixxz03; ; Report