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hello all, my name is calliope but i prefer being called larry..or lia. i am 18, my pronouns are they/she and i am aroace. I am big into twisted wonderland favorite characters are azul, jamil, ruggie, leona..honestly i like everyone except ortho and deuce, no offence to deuce i just dont like his hair idk dont judge me. my favorite colours are purple, black, and pink. i dont actually speak and type like this i just think its funny, its like when ur parents text u like "theyre coming..." anyway. i am going to college for theatre because i want to be an actress. i am awesome. i am autistic with OCD and paranoia not rlly important i just like making friends who are like me. my favorite meme is that image of slappy the dummy shushing you while the caption says "be quiet little gay faggot slave". alright. bye.

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