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Cookie Run Kingdom Update Mystic Flour Cookie 05

Cookie run kingdom part 1 of apathy update spoilers

MF=Mystic Flour

SM=Shadow Milk

SS=Silent Salt

BS=Burning Spice

ES=Eternal Sugar

I love the new CRK update smm. I’m so excited for part 2 of the story. I hope the next beast that we get to see in story is silent salt. 

I think in the story the order we r getting to see the beasts r gonna be shadow milk, mystic flour, silent salt, burning spice, and then eternal sugar.

I think the order of playable beasts will have shadow milk last as I think he’ll return to the story at the end of meeting the five beasts.

Although I can see eternal sugar being after mystic flour. MF wants cookie kind to return to being flour, and it seems to be a stare that cookies can be put in and put out. No one knows what Hatae has been doing in the temple alone for years and they say they are returning to flour at the end. My sister gave me this idea by talking abt how maybe they were in the flour state for a long time but they were taken out. Either way I’m sure that the cookies who were infected with the pale ailment will be alright. Continuing on with ES tho sugar and flour r things used to make cookies. This is why I can see her coming after MF. I still think she’ll be the last tho.

I’m actually looking at the beast yeast map rn and realizing I may b actually pretty correct. If this is the right map (its coming from the crk fanwiki so it should b) then the land of silence could be next. After that looks to be Spicy Spider Valley and then Forgotten Sugar Paradise. Then there is the lab which means hopefully we’ll meet Matcha Cookie sometime around there!

Anyway this is all just mainly me messily ranting because I’ve been in love w this twist. Ik the creators must’ve felt relief being able to reveal this idea that I’m sure they’ve had for a VERY long time. Definitely share ur ideas w me!

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G-man Jr

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ougghhh the story im so lost on the storyyyy aaaaa (update good tho can't wait to grind that damn gatcha)

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