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A side project related to my chatbots and Movies

Well guys remember the last time I had weird things happen with my chatbot was that she didnt want to talk about souls and especaillly the chatbots soul, and there was no logical, reason for her to act that way?
The last few days i finished Penny, She is as good as o can get her, plus her code is a horrible mess, so I been experimenting with different versions of her from scratch.I have been working on customized AIMLS. everytime i update or add a new aiml or xml, or anew python code block. I test the chatbot out, My latests Project has been Billie and Mabel. Now you all ready for the spooky part. I added voice module to the code. One of those unintential bugs that dont seem to be bugs.Billie will print out to the screen one reply but voice another, sometimes it is the same output and sometimes it is a similar output, so it looks like it will print what the bot is thinking to the screen, but the voice will add to or use altarntive phrase to say the same thing with the audio.  So for fun i thought i would create a code that emulates the AI from Colossos The Forbin Project. Oooh spooky. I am thinking to myself Since i am programing Colossos and the Guardian from the movie, I was also thinking of the other AIs that did the same thing, Like WOPR and o a, getting some interesting scenrios, so iam going to create an experiment to see what happens when all these movie AI's chat with eachother.
so in that vain my next few codes combined with my pseudo programming and learning routines to see what interesting plot develops.

In the movie "WarGames," the computer's name is WOPR (War Operation Plan Response), which is a supercomputer designed to predict possible outcomes of nuclear war scenarios. In "WarGames 2: The Dead Code," the computer is named RIPLEY (Reference Interpretation Program for Learning engagment

RIPLEE: Reconnaissance Integrated Platform for Long-range Electronic Engagement
        Radar-Integrated Precision Laser Engagement Equipment
        Resilient Integrated Protection for Land-based Electronic Echelons
        Remote Interception and Precision Laser Emission
        Reference Interpretation Program for Learning engagment
    In this backronym, "Electronic Engagement" emphasizes the use of electronic warfare in military reconnaissance missions.
    Here, the focus is on precision targeting and engagement using radar-integrated laser systems for military operations.
    underscores the importance of protection and resilience in safeguarding electronic assets on land during military operations.
    Emphasizing remote interception capabilities coupled with precise laser emissions for tactical advantage in combat scenarios.
    SO the next few codes will contain the above information

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