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Look at my lil FFXIV Demon!! (mini-blog|photo blog)

My FFXIV is Modded using third-party tools. You absolutely cannot look like this in the vanilla game. Modding FFXIV is against the rules so don't do it. Or do, I'm not your mom. These pics are also a little risky (PG-13, nothing nude) since the people I hang out with mess with their character the way they like. If you can't handle that shit:

Get the

FUCK out.

Everyone chill? Cool. I censored some pics just in case I'd get in trouble with SpaceHey mods over it regardless.

Luckily ya boy is cool and dangerous and has multiple pictures of him sitting down for y'all.

My shit look so dope. I always love the look of "alternate culture" and I have piercings underneath the mask. I'll think of more shit to type here later on or when i'm off the computer (as it goes) but HEY!!! BIG TEXT TIME!!

Thanks for checking this out!! Leave a kudos or a comment and let me know how you liked this photodump or if you want me to do more of these! 

Take Care, Brush Yer Hair.

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