The Serial Experiments Lain Aesthetic's lame now. (Rant)

This probably won't be long but meh, who cares. My blog anyways. 

I give some leeway for a lot of things in terms of a retro look (lol this site), however I can't really help but roll my eyes whenever I see "Lets All Love Lain" this and "We're just bits and pieces on The Wired" that. Still, seeing the style of Fauux's site (flashing lights warning) everywhere gets so fuckin OLD so fucking fast.  

Its funny because I always bite the hook when I get nostalgia-baited with "oh remember tek-deck dudes?" or anything similar and I'd be yapping about it for hours on end, too. Not only that, I used to love the look of the Lain aesthetic back then and still kind of have a love for it.. I guess to cut to the chase: 

Lain was a lot cooler when less people knew about the game/anime. Then again, shit is always a lot better when things are left to have a cult following and left in obscurity.

I probably sound pretentious when I say that, but I honestly do not give a rats ass. So many secondaries or "posers" always get into the look of it because its appealing, and that's what its supposed to do I guess, but a lot of y'all really do know how to cramp someone's style.

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Usually how it goes for any niche or alternative style that gets popular. Seems novel at first and then gets sucked into the mainstream while still pretending it's alternative or mysterious and unique or whatever. Mark Fisher wrote about that somewhere, I think? I'd have to find where.

Anyway, yeah, the whole Lain aesthetic used to be really captivating to me but then it got lumped into 4Chan Death Cults & Anime Girl Breakcore Slop Playlist #475 and now all it is is another costume for doomers to wear. Also probably did a lot of damage to the whole technopagan and internet spirituality crowd because of the whole OooOOooo Assimilate into the WiiiiIIiiIiiIIired nonsense.

The only people who can still pull off the Lain thing without seeming corny is Fallingwithscissors. Love that band to death.

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God yes, thank you.
To add along the shitters that really ruined it, I think Sewerslvt and Systemspace really dragged the aesthetic down to a really negative light. I hate it anytime I see it.

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And on top of that, Sewerslvt also ruined breakcore, too, because now the entire genre's full to the brim of bitcrushed edgelords who think their post-post-post-post-post-post-post ironic humor is a replacement for substance, with names like abandonedslvts, usedcvnts, etc etc. It's either edgy pedophiles or eyebleedingly colorful furries... who are ALSO pedophiles! And to think that all of this spiraled out of control because of some dinky little anime blowing up. Unfortunate.

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At least it made people realize that there was something way more things out there much more diverse and vastly better than fucking breakcore. Fuck the pedophiles, though. Always and forever

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