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silly about me survey !!



name: sumaiyah

nickname: sumi

how old are u: 15

zodiac sign: leo

current location: at my desk !

eye color: dark brown / almost black

hair color: black 

hair type: curly / 4b or 4c

height: short asf 😭😭😭 like really short it’s embarrassing 

ur heritage: east african/arabic

wht's ur middle name: i’m not gonna say,,,

shoes u wore today: kirby crocs :3

ur weakness: i do things too fast for my own good lmao

ur fear: not meeting expectations / failing / disappointing the ones i love 

ever ridden a mechanical bull?: no…

goal u wanna achieve this year: get A’s in my exams and actually get fit over summer !

first thought when u wake up: i’m so tired whos there 

best physical feature: my eyes/eyelashes :3

who is ur best friend?: hani !! <333333 and like kasia or misa idk

ur most cherished memory: when it was my cousins wedding last summer 

pepsi or coke: pepsi when it’s there/offered i don’t rlly buy fizzy drinks that much + boycotting

mc. donalds or burger king: none both r nasty + you should be boycotting both 

wht is the last song u sang?: dreams come true by aespa 

do u drink?: NO!!

do u smoke?: NO!!

do u smoke?: NO!!

do u sing?: yes! all the time! i llove singing 

wht color underwear do u have on?: wtf uhhhhhhh what huh 

have u ever been in love?: yes

do u wanna get married?: probably 

do u like thunderstorms?: um idrc but i hate rain so no i guess 

do u play an instrument?: yes! three,,, drum kit, guitar and piano/keyboard :3

wht country would u like 2 visit: i have a lot of countries i’d like to visit, but ill put my main ones; poland, anywhere in the UAE, qatar, thailand, texas (i have cousins there), japan, finland, australia, and germany.

how many tattoos do u have: 0 

how many piercings do u have: 2, one in each ear and i’d like more!


shoes: idfk like anything that i can walk in 😭😭

band: this is atm… kpop band aespa, but for othersss definitely the neighbourhood.

drink: strawberry and mango juice 

car: audi

place: my aunts house in kenya when i go on holiday 

song: atm… cologne by beabadoobee :3 

movie: to all the boys i’ve loved before (all of them!)

tv show: probably sk8 the infinity or miraculous ladybug lmfao

moment: when i first saw my cousins after like 10 years

color: pink and green 

meal: lamb biryani <3

video game: fnaf or fall guys (i don’t play games much but i love watching ppl play)

season: summer all the way 

holiday: i dont rlly know,,,

month: october <3 


fav eye color: brown 

fav hair color: blonde or black

short or long hair: any 

height: taller than me 

body type: someone who is healthy 🫶🏾

piercings: yes 

tattoos: not too many but yea if they’re hot heh

style / aesthetic: tbh any style idc as long as u don’t smell bad LMFAO


do u think ur attractive?: yeah i guess so

are u attracted 2 some1 who doesn't know?: like… LOWKEY…

would u like 2 be someone's fantasy?: being honest i wouldn’t mind at all i’d even b flattered but i think id be really shocked to find out irl 

do u like 2 cuddle: yes… 

hugs or hand holding: both! but mostly hand holding :D


todays date: 20th of May 2024

what time is it: 10:15pm

who r u thinkin of: someone 

wht r u listening to: nothing rn

do u love someone: yes! i love everyone

does someone love u: yes 

is it raining: no :3

how many spacehey friends do u have: 143 (i love you)

are u happy: yea :D

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