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So some of you might not know but I am infact mixed race. I am Chinese, Italian, Australian Aboriginal and White. Now you might think "WOW THAT'S SO COOL", no it isn't and i will tell you why.

 You ever heard of this saying?

Well i can 100% confirm this is TRUE and it even works with being Asian in the mix. Black kids don't usually mix with me because they think im white/asian but, I had more black influence in my childhood. I know more about the culture of being black and what activities happen in black communities. Since my sister and brother are both dark skinned I always stuck out, people would hardly believe we are siblings. 

I eventually found a place with the asian kids but even then, i just couldnt understand what they would talk about, their humour or not relate to their experiences. I had to research about asian stereotypes and really get into asian media just to have a small glimpse of what they were talking about. They didn't even realise I was black because I was that good at masking myself to fit in.

Sure people might say I have a ton of culture but honestly, I have none. If i learned a language i would feel like im ignoring a part of myself, sometimes i feel bad for doing simple things because i feel like im pushing that race away from me. Obviously learning about all of my cultures would be super hard. It would be easier if i looked one race or the other but people always assume im asian or asian mixed, which i am but it isnt entirely true.

So make sure next time you see a mixed kid you hug them because they are probably going through a identity crisis. 

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