an update regarding my last blog btw

that one myspace recreation i talked about earlier is literally permanently closed there is no way to sign up to it, i have no clue in what year it shutted down, i believe it probably was this year but im not so sure about that

related to it, from what ive seen JakkenPopp (the creator of it) hasnt been active on any social media for apparently 3 or 4 years (idk abt it tho since i only checked his yt)

ive pretty much hit a dead end here since this is all i could find, anyways bye bye goof nite :33

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The windows 93 version of MySpace got shut down in like 2021 since every acc was last online since then I think spacehey was made in case such a thing would happen that's how I found spacehey

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ohh oke thx

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