a few days ago i found a website thats supposed to be a recreation of the old myspace

this is the main page

it doesnt even have a homepage its literally just "tom"s profile, if youre wondering how i stumbled upon this is because i was looking for klonoa gifs for some reason and i found two that were simply titled "MYSPACE", so i clicked on it by curiosity and this was their profile

and apparently this is where this version of myspace comes from i believe

from what ive seen most of the users havent been active since 2021 except for "tom" who seemingly is always online

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ohh myspace93. i used to be an avid user

one random day in 2021 it shut down out of the blue :/

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I used to be a user of that platform, it was really good, but SpaceHey is better The reason people haven't been connecting since 2021 is because the person who created this social network, Jankenpoop, shut it down Apparently, some friends stole the code or something, and to protect the users, they decided to close the platform I don't think it will ever reopen again in human history There's nothing we can do

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hey so i was a user of myspace93 and basically this was a remake of myspace just like spacehey that shut down in 2021 (hence none of the users being active since) The reason it shut down was because of a hacking incident. Toms profile is an homage to tom anderson (the original creator of myspace) the profile is a replica of his profile back when myspace was still around. i had an account on there before it shut down and it seems like all the profiles are still intact though you cannot log in and the homepage is defunct since you need to be logged in to access it. hope this helps to explain what this relic was!! lmk if u have any questions

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thas cool

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foresunn x3

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tom seems a bit creepy lol

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