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What happens when you die???

What happens when I die? I've been searching for an answer forever. I'm going to die soon and I don't want to hurt anyone. Will I be able to make contact? Will my friends even remember me? Can I have someone scatter my ashes over all of my friends? If I coat my friends with my ashes, will I absorb into their lungs? Or their skin? Will I become a part of them forever? Will I be able to move on to another world without leaving them behind? Will their worlds stop turning for just a second, choking on the fragments of my being. Will they, as the moment is held for them, smile or cry? Will I ever know the answer? Will my ashes congregate with my spirit and tell me what happens? Is there any way to know without just experiencing it? I don't want to die. I don't want to leave anyone behind.

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i think youll forever be a part of many many more things than just your friends. there are people ive met and things ive heard and stuff ive seen that i never expected to stick with me but have actually changed me for good. someone like you who has planted so many seeds of influence into so many part of people's lives will live on forever. there will be bridges with you footprints, walls that remember your gaze, and people who will tell stories about you for years. you will never know or get to see any of this, unfortunately, but your influence will forever be far greater than you. even when the day that you leave us comes, you will always be with us, but having you here is way better and cooler cuz we get to play KH 358/2 Days and drink together :> cant do those in heaven!

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This was a really beautiful comment, I really appreciate you for sharing your thoughts

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super duper cpp

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i dont know what happens after death, but here is what a friend on picmix told me about what they think (if it makes you feel any better) - "As humans we've gotten this far by respecting the earth and the ecosystem we're a part of, by caring for each other, by making life better for those who come after us. It might not be a divine purpose, but I still find meaning in it.
I dont think anything happens after we die, but I find it comforting that my body will return to the earth and continue the circle of life. Kind of a lame answer but idk it's what I believe"

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Your friend's answer is beautiful

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