The gore on Spacehey is getting bad.

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WAIT WAIT WAIT, right now there is a person named meowble making "layouts",, its gore in disguise! DO NOT USE THEM!

Welcome to Spacehey! You give yourself a profile picture and an awesome name. You go to add some people, but you see something unexpected... gore! Gross!!! You click off fast and try to move on to something else... ah! Ill edit my profile. I think i'll go look at some new layouts... that's cool... too bland... EW! More gore?!? What is this website!! I'm logging off...

Hello, my name is Kyle. I am an avid user of Spacehey, just like the rest of you. This site is amazing, but horrible people try to ruin it. We all see things we don't want to see on here. What am I talking about? The constant gore accounts. It used to be just accounts, but they have moved onto blogs, layouts, and even GROUPS.  They are stomach wrenching. Absolutely horrific. And when we report these accounts, we think they get banned but they don't sometimes. I thought an account got banned earlier after I reported it for gore. It disappeared, but I just saw them upload a layout of gore. Ive gotten pretty immune to gore because of this website, and because i used to have a friend that made me 'run the gauntlet'... but it still makes my body hurt to look at these photos. They are extremely bad.


What Spacehey needs to do.

Spacehey needs to get on top of this. It's not An's fault people are like this. Don't come after him or the moderation team but reach out nicely. Here are some things that Spacehey needs to do.

1. Ban ANY sort of profanity and slurs from being in usernames. 

Gore accounts often have names like "FUCK ALL (slur)!!!"

2. Get more moderators to take care of this

3. IP bans (Maybe)

Gore peeps usually make multiple accounts

4. Make an easier way to report people

We usually have to click on the account to report them, sometimes that can lead to more gore. 

5. For the love of god, get rid of the cool new people section

Make a separate tab to access online people instead, the gore accounts always pop up in the new people section, and I don't want to see a dead kid when I tune into the Spacehey website. 

What we need to do.

I know it can get exhausting, reporting these accounts on the weekly and having to constantly face the gore it comes with, but we have to act. Here are some things we have to get on top on.

1. Reporting as MANY accounts as possible that have gore

I know its difficult looking at the intense gore, but we have to get through that to get to the report button.


Its stupid, people like that. Making an account named "Free account!" or "Hack this account!" will end in Micah ruining everything. He will get into it and post gore, last time that happened me and deadclowngutz had to fight for our goddamn lives because we didnt want people seeing that. STOP MAKING THESE ACCOUNTS.

3. Bring more attention to this

4. Make layouts above the gore layouts

When making these, cut straight to the point, tell them to go to popular layouts instead of new layouts, and put a picture! It makes the layout 10x bigger, so its more likely people see it!

If you can handle checking, please do this. It warns new people.

5. If you are over 18, volunteer!!!

Spacehey has listened to us as of 6/2/24 and has made it available for people over the age of 18 to offer to volunteer on Spacehey. If you're 18, have been here for 4+ months, and your about me is completely filled out, volunteer!

Mod Application | SpaceHey

How to spot gore accounts easier.

1. Accounts named Micah, Alfie, or meowble

Who is Micah? Don't know. Who is Alf? Could be a reference to Alfreds Playhouse on Newgrounds. Who is meowble? Also dont know. But A LOT of gore accounts have these names. Usually like MicAh! or MICAH LOVER!!! or "ALF!!🤭🤭🤭" and more. REMINDER just because their name is Micah or Alf DOESNT automatically make them a gore account.

An add on- Ive just figured out that tatum was a regular user on here. Using this, know that gore accounts target good people on here and just make it their name when they post gore because theyre uber dorks.

Micah and Alfie are not target victims, theyre just losers.

2. Accounts that post cute animals

Gore accounts sometimes start off as "Click for cute cats!" Or post blogs or bulletins of cute animals. Then they switch up. Gore everywhere.

3. TCC accounts

Whatc a TCC account you ask? Well, its a huge pack of losers who like crime and all that shit. TCC stands for True Crime Community. Want more information? Check out my buddy Danny's blog about how to spot a TCC account! how to spot a tcc account //tw: sh, shooting, gore, etc. mentions - d✩nny's Blog | SpaceHey

What if I can't click on the block button or report button?

Sometimes gore accounts use a code that removes the block or report button that either gets rid of them or covers them up. Heres what you can do. 

Copy and paste these



At the end of these, copy+paste the links into the browser and add the persons user id after the equal signs. You can hold onto the persons profile picture, and it will show a small preview of the profile and it will have options to copy the link and what not

Do you despise that all this needs to even be brought up? JOIN OUR GROUP!

WE HATE GORE !!! | Groups | SpaceHey

Hello hello! Id like to add somethings, and these are important. DO NOT HARASS ANY OF THE MODERATORS INCLUDING AN. While gore and tcc and other stuff can take a while to take down, they are trying their best. They dont have that many mods, so take a chill pill before you go on a rampage. Hooterbby is usally the one to take these accounts and what not down, so creds to her. 


Alf is the main poster as of now. They wont just post gore, but also pictures of zoophilic acts. What does that mean? Well, zoophilia is a person that is sexually attracted to animals, and most of the time do certain "acts" with animals. This is WRONG and ILLEGAL.

Also, Watch out who youre friending! I know, the high count looks cool, but when these raids are happening, we need to keep a close eye out.

I was recently targeted, and it was, well, it shook me a little bit. Theres alot of drama on Spacehey right now, and most of the people circulating around need to grow the fuck up. Alfie and Micah were doxxed, aria is a weirdo, theres more gore, targeting, theres MAPs and zoos and p3d0s, and everything is going wrong. Please stay safe during this time.

UPDATE 6/2/2024

Thank you Spacehey for listening to us! Posting layouts is currently disabled, and now we can volunteer! (Go to what we need to do #5 for info) Thank you for this wonderful update, keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out these blogs too!

see a gore poster? heres what u should do !!! (a tutorial/psa Xp)

how to spot a tcc account //tw: sh, shooting, gore, etc. mentions - d✩nny's Blog | SpaceHey

Anything I missed? Comment it!

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willy dilly

willy dilly's profile picture

theres also gore accounts that have their name as "(something) men" or atleast thats waht im seeing currently, they have wounds as their pfp and once i try to report them i cant since they have some weird flashing thing so i cant. but actually thank you for these tips/gen

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mina's profile picture

Also if someones you see someone named "Doxxing alfie" do not go onto there profile !!! They commented on one of my blog posts so i checked their account expecting it to be a anti alfie page but it wasnt and surely enough i was warmly welcomed/j to their profile with gore. if you see any accounts that look like bait / to good to be true dont let curiosity get the best of u, stay safe u guys :D

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mary ᵒʳ leatherhoff

mary ᵒʳ leatherhoff's profile picture

man idk why people would even do this its scary. im a minor and atp all of this just made me insanely desensitized to gore on my screen, im more worried about the people who do genuinely get triggered by it.

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nova's profile picture

good news meowble is going inactive for a while, but still its scary for a lot of people now that they might come back

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Hopefully they find peace, or even just simply move to another website.

by 1NF3CT3D!! (Kyle. ༺☣༻/REDOING ENTIRE PROFILE); ; Report

me too, all i know is that they are very active on insta. saw their "add my insta!" on their first acc.

by nova; ; Report

Psh, avid insta gram user! They can see people get ran over and what not on there n broken arms, not suprised theyre on there all the time. Suprised they dont stick to X too.

by 1NF3CT3D!! (Kyle. ༺☣༻/REDOING ENTIRE PROFILE); ; Report

what the, thats allowed on instagram? thats horrible

by nova; ; Report

Sadly. Here, i sent you a friend req so you can see my bulletins regarding this situation + answering some questions

by 1NF3CT3D!! (Kyle. ༺☣༻/REDOING ENTIRE PROFILE); ; Report


👾PIERCE👾's profile picture

meowble wrote this in my secret shares today:
Wait omg i can't get banned here so! Meowble here again I hope every age regressor on this app sees all my layouts and gets tricked while they're regressed and i hope they relapse and never feel safe online again like the pedos they are :P someone needs to get them on SHTWT

im not friends with her she managed to see my bulletins without being on my friends list and write that in my secret share.

shes also the reason i had to private my spacehey account. shes obsessed with harassing me!!

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and plus their spacehey status once said "i can see everyones bulletins btw"

by 👾PIERCE👾; ; Report

Ah so thats how she got my face,.. atleast i was hot! anyways, what does she mean by "pedos" LOL does she think theyre pedos or....,, whatever... idk she'll prolly get leaked soon too anyways,..

by 1NF3CT3D!! (Kyle. ༺☣༻/REDOING ENTIRE PROFILE); ; Report

i also wanna mention she also wrote this in my secret share: guess who this is :3 its meowble! found you again

by 👾PIERCE👾; ; Report

i have screenshots of meowble in my secret share

i deleted all the messages she sent me in it

by 👾PIERCE👾; ; Report

⋆ 𖥨. Cherry ꒱ ֺৎ

⋆ 𖥨. Cherry ꒱ ֺৎ's profile picture

This isn’t the first time

Not a vent, just speaking out. Triggering topics ahead

I am an ex friend of meowble and this is actually very normal for them when we talked I was in a bad place and I genuinely though they were someone kind and caring but now looking back all they did was encourage the worst things for me all the times I relapsed were because of them I feel disgusted I thought after breaking it up they would learn how horrible they are, but here they are now.

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Some people sadly dont change for a long time, but maybe one day theyll get help / grow up

by 1NF3CT3D!! (Kyle. ༺☣༻/REDOING ENTIRE PROFILE); ; Report

Matthew Smiles. (🏳‍⚧)

Matthew Smiles. (🏳‍⚧)'s profile picture

What if we all said " You suck " to them in unison

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Ignore them and block em, matthew.

by 1NF3CT3D!! (Kyle. ༺☣༻/REDOING ENTIRE PROFILE); ; Report


by Matthew Smiles. (🏳‍⚧); ; Report

☆ melly

☆ melly's profile picture

I know alfie and micah are genuinely so horrible, but meowble dude. (My gf is okay with me saying this, dw) My gf is an age regressor and saw the “sfw agere sticker” and at the time she was regressed / little and saw it, and it really effected her. And what also makes it worse is the fact they post shh (yk) which can trigger someone to r3l4pse. They keep making accounts, they’ve already been banned like twice already and their posts were up for like over a day because of the absence of mods. Its horrible

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I am so sorry that happened to yall, and i hope she can recover from seeing that. Meowble is disgusting. Wishing you and your gf good luck.

by 1NF3CT3D!! (Kyle. ༺☣༻/REDOING ENTIRE PROFILE); ; Report

Ignore them and block em

by 1NF3CT3D!! (Kyle. ༺☣༻/REDOING ENTIRE PROFILE); ; Report


nova's profile picture

There's a new spammer that's been posting innocent looking layouts all day. Their username is meowble

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thank you for lettting me know!

by 1NF3CT3D!! (Kyle. ༺☣༻/REDOING ENTIRE PROFILE); ; Report

yeah np, theyre posting things like "sticker for age regressors!" tricking them into seeing g-re while regressed . usually the link will have a discordapp thing

by nova; ; Report


DORIAN ✰'s profile picture


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jazzy's profile picture

Boost! ^v^

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꒰♬꒱⋆˚sky!!🎧˚。⋆ 's profile picture


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WeaponsOnSight's profile picture


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Rusty's profile picture

BOOST!! ^_^

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pyrope's profile picture

bbbbbbooooosssstttttt Xp

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COBZIEEEEE's profile picture

I hate the gore situation, someone made a gore acc of my friend:(

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(I deleted the comment ignore them plz)

by 1NF3CT3D!! (Kyle. ༺☣༻/REDOING ENTIRE PROFILE); ; Report

alfie, kyle has told you to stop multiple times. leave them alone please.

by {とんでもない} ɴᴏ ᴡᴀʏ 🛑; ; Report

Read that backwards n got scared

by 1NF3CT3D!! (Kyle. ༺☣༻/REDOING ENTIRE PROFILE); ; Report

Alfie thought he was safe from being blocked and reported by removing the buttons lol

by Zombie :P Not accepting fq rn; ; Report


by Zombie :P Not accepting fq rn; ; Report


princessa's profile picture


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emmuhh ♡

emmuhh ♡'s profile picture

BOOST !!!!

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Lily_KoRns_version's profile picture


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ambition's profile picture

Good to know because I saw a strange cat profile with 'click for kitties' as the name a day ago. Phew!

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