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2 is Better than 1! Almost done with my v1 Layout Code Share site! *please read*

I'm almost done with my new layout share site for spacehey!

But ruffiØ we already have one!

This is true, (and I didn't even realize this until yesterday since I've been gone) but I've come to the conclusion that you can't just have coffee all day without some donuts!

lol okay... maybe a bad analogy, but honestly having more options is better and allows An to focus on other more important features at this time!

Plus I've been working on this since December and I always finish what I start. Just took awhile since I have a family and have been working hard on my second album.

So what does yours do?

Well off the bat it allows you to easily share layout/profile codes! 

Okay we have that... But what does yours do differently?

Besides sharing layout codes, you can instantly preview them with the built-in previewer! No longer do you have to copy and paste it over to your actual profile to really see how it will look. (thanks  NEIN MC for the fork) Also we will have a section where you will be able to share and find profile codes/hacks that may not be essentially a "full layout" but snippets of code to help get your profile looking right.

Oh and the code has proper syntax highlighting because it makes my eyes feel better lmao

Is that it?

Nope! Got some more stuff incoming when I can finish it. Like a Custom Layout Generator! Also if spacehey ever gets an API, I'll create a link to your account so these layout codes can be used with a single button press. (change/customize your layout via mobile!)

I'm also working on a spot to find custom graphics like backgrounds, cursors and more!

If you have any suggestions I'm open to hearing them!

Thanks again and one love!


Here's a little preview below of how the site is looking so far. Easily copy the code and preview it! I used "enter the void" by Francesco and "City Nights" by Cory as an example.

Layout Code ^

Previewer ^

Layout Code ^

p.s. check out my one of my music videos "Mayday"

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You can also set layout codes to be private and unlisted!

Save all your personal codes in an online vault!

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