Update on the last entry - I got my laptop back, and I got a bag for my camera. I tried to get a camera strap, but it was actually a lanyard, so I have to look for another one xp

Anyways! Today was actually pretty good. I had more energy than I've been having recently, and I think my teachers are finally going to start giving me less work, since there's exactly 6 school days left in the year. Also, today was the first day of this summer bowling club the school is doing. I honestly had no clue that we had a bowling team at all, and I didn't find out until one of the people there told me that a lot of people there were on the bowling team. Despite this, the people there were really nice and supportive, I learned a couple of tips, and a way to practice throwing at home! This is a relief, since I was actually pretty nervous at first. I'm hoping I'll get better soon, but even if I don't, it'll still be a good way to spend time over the summer.

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