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How to add images into blogs/bulletins

Okay, so to start off, when you are creating or editing a blog/bulletin, you will notice two arrows on the left side of the part where you can edit text styles is (I forgot the name). 

Click on the arrows. That is where you will type in the code. The code is:

<img src=“ Link to the image “ width=“ a number “/>

The width is basically just sizing, and you may need to play around with the numbers for it to work. You can also just remove the width section on it (leaving the /> ) and it should work.


(This will be with Tamanotchi so the code will already be written out) (plus the code is different than just putting an image on, but idc)

Firstly, copy the link of your tamanotchi, and make sure it’s the HTML link.

Then got to your blog/bulletin, and click the <>

After doing that, you should find that the <> has turned to an eye. Paste the copied code there.

Click the eye after, then it should load in your tamagotchi 

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Oh, btw, just ignore that my tamanotchi background is different, I had changed it a month or so ago.

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