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Where I've Been

Hey y'all, sorry this looks like a youtuber apology situation. don't worry i haven't said any slurs or assaulted anybody, rofl :-)

I've been awfully busy with LIFE lately!! I literally just took my Ap Lang test this morning as a matter of fact xD with life in the way (and no personal computer or laptop to make this little site easier to navigate) i've just not been very active, which, my bad!! 


NOT all hope is lost, friends. I'm plenty active on several other websites, all of which i'll link BELOW! for your perusal. (O3-) 

SoEmo- an image sharing and emo centric forum site. I'm a site model here!! \

My Website- There isn't much there now, but i do have a blog i actually want to keep up with... and a bunch of fun features for all of you guys to look at.

Tiktok- okay I don't need to go into detail about this one I think. I post outfits here, and spam a little when I'm really bored. 

Youtube- I've started posting here!! buuuuttt i JUST found an oldweb revival site called bitview thats just the old format of the site so... gonna see if i like that more. O_o if I do, i'll drop the link in here ^_^

ANYWHO!!! thats enough hotlinking for today i think. I'm gonna go listen to music and hang with my friends now :-D byebye1!!

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