i hav a question

where do i find macromedia flash 8 like whats the best site i can download it 4 free the only thing that i could find as of now is freaking softonic and i don wanna risk downloading my windows 7 computer's death

and also what is th code

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Gas station

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I like to download most of my old computer stuffs from internet archive.

I get the activation codes from YouTube videos.

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lucien zeal

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th code is an access code to make an accounton toyhou.se which is a website for storing characters if youmean tgat

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well sum1 on my previous entry said something abt a code and what i found was a serial number or smth on google

by Glaceon2009; ; Report

Ye wait I got it from a random tut abt madness combat animation it has it in the description idk if things changed

by niko #proudcondom🎀 (PROFILE UNDER-CONSTRUCTION); ; Report

what r the serial keys for exactly?

by Glaceon2009; ; Report

i checked and it says "a specific software-based key for a computer program. It certifies that the copy of the program is original."
where do i place the product key once i download it? im not really an expert on these type of things

by Glaceon2009; ; Report

The description of the vid I sent ya if Google evrything if not then idk

by niko #proudcondom🎀 (PROFILE UNDER-CONSTRUCTION); ; Report