Has anyone watched 3 Body problem?

Hey Luvs :) 

Hope ur all doing well! 

This isn’t gonna be a long blog but currently going through my Netflix acc and noticed the series “3 body problem.” I heard it’s good and it’s based on a book (I believe it’s a trilogy) Not sure if any of you hav watched it yet but would you recommend it? 

Tbh I’m lowkey scared 😭😭😭 I’ve heard people say this series (both the book & tv) changed their perspectives completely and even caused some individuals to have an existential crisis. •_• (I don’t need any of that I’m having some of my own already😹😹😹😹)

So what would you all recommend if you did watch it? Currently trying to find an audiobook for the series by Liu Cixin.

Not to give any spoilers but this series revolves around outerspace, humanity, Earth, and existing life outside in the solar system (extra terrestrial). I think sci-fi films and concepts are pretty rad but sometimes imo they tend to have pessimistic outlooks for humanity in the sense of humans end up dying by getting killed or annihilated by the opposing life force etc. and I get tired of the same regurgitated ending. (Ik these aren’t “once upon a time stories” but I don’t want to constantly be reminded of hopelessness 😞).

Lately idrc too much about new television and movies but this seemed to be interesting so I was wondering if I should give it a go? 🤔

Tbh I’m waiting for the new Baki movie to come out it’s like an hour and it’s between Baki and another dude from a different series (I forgot the name 😍😍) I think it starts with a T tho? The other series is another dude that’s really strong and I think he does some sort of martial arts (it’s also an animation). Anywhooooo other than that movie^ waiting for season 5 of YOU so yeah. 

I digress. If you watched it or have a general idea or even read the book lmk what u think! Idc if you tell me any spoilers but maybe for someone reading this blog (I’m a celebrity ik 🙄🙄) jk jk but maybe put a little disclaimer if you do spoil anything for those reading thru this. Ur choice tho lol. But yeah enough with my rant now. 

Time for me to do my other stuff. Byeeeee!! Hope whoever is reading this sleeps well! Thx for reading my blog ;)

 Gn :) and don’t let the bedbugs bite!! 

Xoxo muahhhh ^_^ toodles xoxo :*

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