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Vent/rant about one of my irl friends.

I find venting in a place that what you write will be kept for random people to read rather weird, but I really need to get this off my chest and I can’t tell my parents so here I go

(Ignore any incorrect spelling pls)

 I have this friend, let’s call Abby. She’s fine, I don’t mind her too much, but recently there’s been a few arguments with her and other people about things, but, we sorted it out ( I thought) she had left the place where the arguments happen, it was all good. But now, she’s fvcked it all up by going to a teacher about it and tell them. I thought we had already solved the problem b!tch, you had left, and no body mentions it anymore, but nooooo, she had to go to a teacher and get everyone in trouble now. Even people that had acossiated with the people in the arguments are in trouble, even though they didn’t do anything.

 She told me that everyone will be getting a detention or at least talked to, and she’s completely fine with it. She’s already served her detention, but i’m pretty sure she doesn’t care about them, so it didn’t actually affect her. Some people cannot deal with getting in trouble (me). I’ve only been in trouble three times for the three years I’ve been at the school, and they weren’t even that bad of issue, but I nearly cry each time. I’ve never gotten a detention before and I know that I’m going to cry in it. Some people are scared of getting in trouble, some people actually get affected when they get in trouble, but because she can’t deal with something that EVERYONE ELSE has put behind them, she’s getting us in trouble. Half the time I don’t mind Abby, but other times I despise her and this is the time when I hate her. I think what she’s told me has only now sunk in (she only told me that we’ll be getting in trouble today).

She needs to learn that an even though a detention to her may not be that bad, to others, it could be like hell. She’s acting like a detention is no big deal but YES IT IS. I am going to cry because of it, I know, and it will be her fault. It’s just AHHHHHHHHDJBDIBDIHDBIHBDHBDHBDHBDYBYUIEDNCRYYRUENCIRTBVIENCEFVBUSJJSJEIDJNFHIRTBIENDCIU I want to scream. I hate getting in trouble with teachers, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, and she’s gone done just that. I hate her.

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tbh that's not a true friend, try to calm yourself if you didn't do anything wrong and it's better to cut her off as a friend. She seems to find trouble for satisfaction.

I hope everything will be good to you guys. Make sure to prove clearly that you guys solve it already but she's suddenly bringing up the past.

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Thank you :]
I’ve been told by other people that I should just leave her, and I probably will, I just need to work up the courage to actually talk to her about it.
I think I got a little (more than a little) worked up while thinking about it, but I believe we’re going to get to talk to the teachers before detentions are dealt out too, so hopefully they’ll understand what happened in the arguments.

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i hope it was fine now

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