5/12/2024 Got a new Camera Yesterday

Omg so yesterday I was playing minecraft because I was finally able to update my copy of the Xbox 360 version (after 6ish years of trying every other year). Then my mom knocked on my door.


"Come into my room"

She said it so seriously, that I thought I was in trouble, or that something bad had happened.

"Sit down"

I was really scared, when she gave me a heavy yellow gift bag. I looked inside, and saw that she had given me a camera! I was so excited, and laughed about how scared I was earlier. The camera was the Nikon D610, and it takes really good pictures! Later in the day, we went to my aunt's house. When we got there, me and my cousin went mini-golfing, where I actually did pretty good. I think I got about 2 hole-in-ones, and I only missed the ball the first round, which was really surprising. After that, we walked around and took photos, since she had recently finished taking a photography class. I'm really proud of the pictures I took, though I can't show them to you all today because I left my laptop at my mom's house, so I can't upload any of the pictures from the SD card. I'll get it back tomorrow night, so I'll post them tomorrow if I remember it.

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It really is swag

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