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Bleh what to do today..


OMG does anybody remember Yokai Watch or whatever? That show was so iconic omfg like its definitely one of the better Pokemon knock offs. (Okay I don't know if it is but it looks like one but Ian tryna be controversial 🙏.) I just remember that one scene where the red cat gets hit by a fucking car and the girl was crying actually broke me like if I rly start thinking about it I'd prolly be on the ground sobbing CAUSE IT WAS SO SADD 😭😭.

Uhmm, so today I have nothing to do really, I need to mop the floors but I'm like it's Sunday Funday and work is honestly for the week. I would go out and do sum but all my friends have lives so I'd just be going out alone again so IDK 😭. Tbh I really wanna find a book to read, likeeeee MAYBE, a romance IDKKKKK ION READ THAT STUFFF BUTTTTTT. Yeh Ian got a partner so might as well read about how happy fictional characters are!! Yay!!

I could also go to Sonic cause I got a 10 dollar gift card but I've been eating so much sugar and ion wanna get fat even though I'm a teenager and people are like "you don't need to limit yourself on what you eat you're already in good shape" BUT WHAT IM SAYING IS: I wanna eat healthy. Like girl just cause I don't wanna consume 200 grams of sugar DOESNT MEAN I HAVE BODY ISSUES. LIKE PEOPLE ASSUME THAT CSUSE IM SKINNY. LIKE YOU SHOULDVE TOLD ME THAT 3 YEARS AGO GIRL NOT NOW 😭. I do eat well though like I try to eat as much as possible but limiting junk food and fast food. Ian wanna get diabetes 😭

I coulddd go one of the malls today but like idk if today's the alone at the mall type day yk? Like sometimes it's a vibe and I'm feeling it looking at stuff myself and being like "ooh that's CUTEEEE." And j being myself but then some days I'll go and see a couple and like either get rly sad or wanna throw a chair at them LMAOO (again, I would never 😭) 

WIAT. there's also thrifting... Hmmmmm. Thriftings fun except like after an hour or 2 it gets kinda boring and then sometimes I'll find sum and be like "WHAT NO WAY THATS EO COOL" but I don't have any money so then I'll just get sad 😭. I usually get money like when I ask to go out and it's cause I like willingly mop and vacuum and clean the house except recently I've asked for a lot and I feel super baddd cause I've been slacking on the chires. Maybe they'd accept my sonic gift card instead LMAO.

Anyway, I'll try and figure out what to do. There's not much to do in my city. Like omfg there actually isn't anything to do fr everytime I go out its always doing one of the 3 things I just listed. 

But imma go. Bye have a good day and be kind!! :)

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