casual rant about when twilight strikes (its more of a lore dump)

dude when twilight strikes is so intresting, i love the lore, so basically when twilight strikes is about these 2 hunters - hunters are basically supernatural cops/bounty hunters ngl - names adair and wtv name you choose because one of them is the mc, and you're given this bounty to go after this half-vampire named rylan - hes my favorite i love him so much hes so sarcastic and hes so <33 - who is a previous bounty that you fail to capture but the second time around he offers you a hand to find your missing boss - i think his name is caine?? idk i dont like him - but in return you get him enough time to prove he didnt kill this girl - her name is like lily or smth?? single mother w/ kids - and i think(??) you accept his deal either way, idk i accepted immediately because i fell in love w/ his character immediately, anyway back to caine, because hes missing his bsf/right-hand man sebastion takes over the company - IAOS, i forgot 2 mention it, i dont remember what it stands 4 - and honestly just seems like hed rather be anywhere else?? anyway yeah sebastions in charge in his absence but they refuse to tell him anything thats happening to his best friend and idk bro seems kinda over it,, and back 2 the missing boss thing, inorder 2 find ur missing boss you team up w/ 2 other hunters - blane and nolan - and a warlock - kai - and you both go to this club 4 vampires called crimson rouge - honestly described as a really cool looking place - where you look for information regarding your boss and eventually you get called to talk to the liek;; big boss of the orginization - her name is mirai and shes cool as hell, liek and actual girlboss fr - where she basically says IAOS is awful and puts vampires and other species in a bad light and how maybe its not a bad thing their boss is missing, - which honestly real caine is a dickhead - and then dismisses your character to go after the club gets attacked and then you search the vip lounge along with whoever you chose to come along with you - i chose rylan because i want 2 romance him dude, i need to always choose him !!!!1111 - and then you get stabbed and brought to nolans apartment where its revealed  that the person you chose 2 go w u 2 see mirai was fussing over you after you got stabbed (😱) and there you share all the stuff you learned and theres so much lore and my hands starting to hurt jesus fucking christ anyway, i <3 rylan, hes my favorite, everyone should totally play it

play it here !!!:

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