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Diary Entry 45

Dear Diary,

          My friend showed me the ways of "being a bottom." She then proceeded to fuck my brains out until I was left a whining panting mess. That was like a month ago!!! Now I am a real slut for getting fucked lol!! isn't that awesum?? Life is so beautiful when ur being called a dirty slut!!!! Being pinned down!!! having hair pulled!! slapping my ass??? yus please!!! 

          Anyways!!! Haaaaiiiii its been a while since I made a diary entry huh?? Hmm let me think whats happened since then!!! I lost my job that happened.... BUT I GOT A NEW JOB!!! HOORAY!!! Also!!! I will hopefully move out with my bestie soon!!! We are planning to make a silly account on this website you might have heard of uuuummmmmm, its called only fans!!!! ISNT THAT SO NEAT??? Omg I think it will be so so so much fun!!~ 

          Thats all I can think about to say!! Thats all!!! bai baaiiii!!

Sincerely, Miki

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