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rest in peace

I went to my first funeral on the 9th of may 2024,it was for my friend who died will on a school trip.

I've know her since around 2018, she was only 17, the oldest sibling of 3 sister and 2 brother. 

the man who read out words at her funeral mentioned how she especially like to play Roblox and dance to k-pop (he caled it c pop lollll) songs, laughed at this while crying. 

I'm crying now while typing this lol.

I fell bad, I used to make fun of her while she was alive, it was serious like bullying but just teasing. I wish I could apologies to her.

Her favourite colour was purple so we all wore a hint of purple and brought purple flowers for her. i  didn't realise how deep 6-feet was until i had to put flowers on her white coffin. definitely

she was so short, she probably only took up half of her coffin, it was definitely  too big for her.

her mother was crying so much, i feel so bad. her younger sibling didn't come, would have been to traumatic for them. 

omgggg i cant stop crying lamooooooo, some times i wish it was me instead.

Rest in peace my friend, until we meet again.

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