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The Rendezvous 2024

The Rendezvous festival at SOSMP in Florida this past weekend was an unforgettable experience. Allen Mock and Herbalistek were some big standouts from Friday's line-up; don't sleep on them. I finally saw Mickman for the first time Friday night, and his set was nothing short of incredible. The b2b done by the VJ team all night was totally on point, and between Mickman and Detox Unit, I'm not sure which set I enjoyed more. Saturday was a jamboree. I'd never heard of OOGA before, but he's certainly on my radar now. What a fun set. Cumulus Frisbee was another big surprise to me. I hadn't heard of him either, but his set blew me away. It was almost like glitch-jazz. It was wild. The way he programmed his drums was unlike anything I'd ever heard before. 

Smigonaut was a big surprise. I'd actually seen Smigonaut before, but his Rendezvous set blew anything I've ever heard from him out of the water. When he started scratching, I really lost it. Schmoop played an excellent set, especially with his flip of Frequent’s track Pumple Snout. When that started, I could not believe what I heard.ResLang melted my mind, as expected, and Jade Cicada absolutely threw it down. His Pac-Man ID never ceases to blow my mind. I spent a lot of psydub Sunday wandering around and eating from the different food stands at the venue, but I heard most of Land Switcher’s set, and I got into the crowd around halfway through Quanta’s set. 

Eurythmy played an enjoyable and bouncy set, but I was having a hard time focusing, knowing Tipper was coming up. Tipper’s set was perfect, besides a minor audio glitch in the first quarter of the set. From the jump, this set felt like something totally different from any I'd previously seen from him. The man had me in tears during his Permatemp opener. A journey set is always my favorite kind of Tipper set, and this one was no exception. It leaned more on the downtempo side, but those new tunes were everything I needed. Tenorless put on a visual show unlike anything I'd ever seen and the new IDs Tipper was throwing at us were so beautiful. When the visuals of the camp started playing, it hit me hard. It had been a long time since I'd been to a festival and a really long time since going to one at SOSMP, and I couldn't have hoped for a better return. If anyone was there, please share some stories. Thank you so much to Dave and the entire team for putting on such a special event for us. That might have been my last time at the swamp, and if so, what a perfect finale. It was everything I ever could have hoped for and so much more. Hopefully I'll you at Secret Dreams!

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