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A story about why job hunting sucks

I made a full on blog post in someone's bulletin, so I figured I should copy/paste it into an actual blog for my future use, as well as a bulletin so it actually gets seen.


I just remembered the time I saw a posting for one of the cable/internet providers saying they would be conducting customer service interviews all day and to just show up with a few copies of your resume. After mapping it out on Google and seeing I could make M-F 6:30 AM (LOL) through 8:30 AM arrivals and depart as late as 7:30 PM, I took three buses to get there.

After I signed in, I was asked if I had already filled out their application online. I said, "No, the Craigslist ad did not mention that at all and to just show up with my resume." I was put on a waiting list to use one of their computers to do it, as that was required before I could interview. That wait was like 3 hours. The application involved some mock phone calls using pre-recorded speech and multiple choice responses and filling in a mock call record. I also (of course) had to fill out my work history that was listed on my resume. It was one of the few times I was happy to have a LinkedIn, as Google wanted 2FA but I had no phone signal to get the code. After that, there were two short paper forms to fill in (unsure why they didn't give them to me while I was originally waiting) during another 2 hours until the interview. I had marked my availability on one of the paper forms as M-F 6:30 AM-7:30 PM. 

Once I was finally called in for the interview, the interviewer said my application scores were great, she was impressed by my resume, and then asked if I could work weekends, as the job would require one weekend day. I said no, but I had extended standard workday availability. She said it was a shame I couldn't work on the weekend and as I got up to leave I said "It's a shame the Craigslist ad didn't mention the required online application or the required weekend days. I could have saved myself 8 hours." 

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Oof, man, applying for a job sucks. They sure do love to hide information until THE VERY END OF THE PROCESS >:|

Im in the same boat, applying to literally every single job out there, havent had an experience like yours yet, but who knows when its gonna be my turn. good luck dude

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Good luck! My job searches have only gotten progressively worse in the last 10 years. I’m not looking forward to my next one.

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