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I Thought - I Would - Be More - Than This

Steve Albini passed today, of a heart attack, as I am writing this. 24 hours ago I saw him reply to someone on BlueSky about something I didn't really get, terms beyond my limited understanding, simple things really. It couldn't have been that long afterwards that he passed. It all comes at you so suddenly.

I suppose it's never really hit me before, how sudden it all is, is why I'm writing this right now. At any given moment for any given reason, you could just. Stop. Against your will your body can simply decide it's over.

Life's a fleeting thing. I'm always scared of meeting a sudden end, unable to say goodbye. I guess seeing it happen to a man I had a lot of respect for is making me think about it again.

I hope Albini was happy when he went, that he was content with the life he had led. It's all anyone can hope.

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