angry birds summer madness sketches

here is a blog of a lot of angry birds summer madness fanart that i've done recently.

human versions of the main cast of summer madness. we got bomb, stella, chuck, and red. i am very mixed on my chuck design. he was very hard to work with.

this is my initial sketch of what i would want my human design of mighty eagle to look like. this eventually devolved into something else which i will show later in this blog post.

screenshot redraw of this scene from the episode called "chill hard". this is an episode where stella is trying to become less competitive cuz she hurt the hatchlings in a game of tag so she goes to mighty eagle to instruct her on how to be chill. this was a scene where mighty eagle was telling stella about his "flappy place" that he goes to when people are yelling at him and stuffs.

human penley! red, chuck, bomb, and mighty eagle's pig cabinmate.

another screenshot redraw. i plan on making this digital once my drawing tablet comes in the mail very soon. this is a redraw from the episode "prematurely balding eagle", with my human design for mighty eagle. this episode is about mighty eagle having a stubborn strand of hair so he asks red to help him cut it off, but red ends up fucking up his whole haircut and he goes bald and tries to quit his job as a counsellor at camp splinterwood cuz of how embarrassing his haircut was.

anthro robin! robin is neiderflyer's sister. i really like this design for her that i did.

anthro mighty eagle! i used a LOT of elements from my human mighty eagle design for this anthro design. the 2nd anthro mighty eagle drawing used a pose from puyo puyo as a reference, and the 3rd was suggested by my friend to draw him in sunglasses or a cowboy hat (and i chose sunglasses cuz sunglasses guys are so cool)
(this was the pose that i used for reference in the 2nd anthro mighty eagle drawing)

and finally, here is my anthro neiderflyer. neiderflyer is my 2nd fave in summer madness. my 1st fave is mighty eagle and my 3rd is harold.

and that is all! i also drew a human design for harold and lynette, but i didn't like how the designs came out.

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your art is so good omg ♡

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thank you!!!!!!!!!!

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