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this acc is dead lmao

thought id make an update cos I haven't in so long lol:

>Mental Health:

    -Im starting an IOP soon ^^

    -I might not keep going to therapy cos It's not helping I guess.

>Love Life <33:

    -one of my bfs lives in NZ which is like rlly far away from where I live so thats great but its worth it cos I love him sm <33

    -I like this other guy who makes fun of me (BUT HES A BRITISH SHORT KING OK??!!)

    -I like this other other guy who is 2yrs older than me and probably has a gf but who cares He's mine >:(( (also british :'( )

>Other medical shit:

    -I have bruising on my neck from a failed *ahem* attempt

    -my legs are all scraped up (so kawaii !!)

    -Still have cysts 

    -still have ARFID :>

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