posers at my school

idk what to categorise this as. this is mostly a rant that i've had on my mind for some time now. but like. i consider myself to be alternative. i don't put a specific label on my fashion, but i dress WAY different than others, and i have the political views.

there are instances where i've unknowingly befriended posers for a bit and then eventually discovered their true colours.

one of my good friends for a while at school was really into like, dark and spooky stuff and even made alternative music! but, her political views were utter dogshit. she's a trans girl, but she believed that queer people shouldn't be represented in media?? and a lot of her other views were like. very right-leaning. like. i know queer republicans exist, but they really don't belong in alternative spaces. you can argue that thinking that way is gatekeep-y, but the alternative scene has always been like that. you gotta have the views. i mean, you can get uninvolved with politics and still be alt, but she was like. VERY much a righty. which is very, as i said, not alternative at all.

there's also a guy in my math class who calls himself goth. but he's a cisgender straight guy who says f****t and r****d (both in an insulting way) and he doesn't even dress goth! he just wears like. those basketball shorts that every normie dude wears and like. spooky shirts/music shirts and red/black sneakers. and he's very sexist! when i was going through my scene kid phase and i was presenting more girly, he told me that he believed that i was a poser and that i listened to pop music. and one time, i was pasting an image of the cartoon "kappa mikey" onto a powerpoint for an assignment in a class we had together one time and he made a snarky comment about two of the girl characters that were shown on some promo art (even though the protag of the show is literally a dude???).

feel free to discuss this in the comments or tell me about some posers that you know. you could argue that these wouldn't be considered posers, but being a cisgender dude saying slurs in a negative light is 100% poser shit.

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i wish more queer right wing people would understand how much republicans despise them

also maybe shes self hating because im a trans girl and repersentation is the best step towards acceptance in children ♡

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who knows what it might be! i think she might just be ignorant because she's always been like this in terms of multiple subjects (and will do anything to make sure she's the correct one, without putting effort into learning). so she could either be ignorant or she's self-loathing. i feel like only she would know lolz

there's lots of possibilites

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