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misc hot (or maybe not) takes xx

court did not kill kurt. that’s it.

i hate when people gatekeep popular artists or shame people for listening to popular music. like nirvana and the beatles are just as popular as taylor swift and their fans are just as obsessed so why does it even matter (this is coming from someone who listens to all three)? and the bright urban outfitters nirvana “preppy” sweatshirt. it’s pink so it can’t have that logo? so what if a six yr old girl is wearing it, how is that affecting you? nirvana is lit so famous and music is supposed to be listened to
i only listen to pre-split panic and NOT post-split, and i love the young veins, but panic needed brendon. like ryan’s vocals are so great but brendon’s vocals are better and they’re both better together (jon’s are my fav) and yes ryan wrote a majority of the lyrics but on pretty. odd., it was kinda a collaborative effort between ryan, jon, spencer, and brendon. esp bc brendon wrote “folkin’ around” and “new perspective” which i love. camool.
kurt’s vers of “and i love her” is the best
fiona’s vers of “across the universe is the best (please dont think im a beatles hater i love them beetles)
kat bjelland is the og (still love courtney and hole tho)
im not a fan of johnnie and jake and tara, arctic monkeys, olivia rodrigo, tyler the creator, or tokio hotel (but i dont dislike them or anything)
i actually like taylor swift. mostly folklore and speak now. idek why people hate her sm like i get if you dont listen to her but like that doesnt mean she’s the worst person on the planet. people are so mean abt it too esp towards like younger girls like why are you bullying an eight yr old?? also she sounds so good with fob like at the 2014 vsfs and in “electric touch.” anyways her and hayley are my favs from tennessee :—))
i dont hate brendon or bob. hear me out on bob like he def did some bad things after his time in my chem and im not a fan now but its annoying when ppl are like “tw bob bryar” and blur him out of old pictures.


(except i do not condone brendons abomination of “bad apple” demo b/c do not do fiona like that but i dont think there’s acc any major beef between them)

i enjoy decaf cof

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