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Nemo - In Stereo [Album Review]

Welcome To an Oscar Music review. I am not a professional at music and this is just a random Internet users opinion On a Underground Album

1. I Wish You Were Here

Sadly there is not much to say about this track other than it is a droning intro with what i believe to be guitar feedback, and someone in the background hitting all of the strings making a clock bell sound like its saying its time. With an unfortunate abrupt end.


2. Bleary-Eyed Me

Bleary eyed me is a very grungy sounding song with lots of space rock revival elements with a distorted sounding singer. It also has a very lo-fi sound too which the song uses to its advantage. With very energetic sounding guitars and drums which leaves the listener filled with energy. This song is very much a classic, Would very much listen again, I would definitely recommend again.


3. King Valley 55

Song Starts Off With a Loud Guitar noise then starts off with a low rumble. Then Introduced you with a lovely guitar intro. It also has a very lovely solo too. This song is a lovely Space Rock Revival Song With lovely vocals from the singer and is definitely another classic from the group, and leaves a lot to be appreciated.  The only criticism i have of the song is how it hangs around way too long around 3:32. Other than that it is another classic


4. Lutalo

This Song Is a slow song that builds up to what i believe is called a power ballad? don't quote me on that please. It is a depressing song about someone who is beautiful as the moon (that is out half past noon), that is sadly out of the singer's sight so they are sadly out of the singer's mind. It also beautifully plays off of the lo-fi elements of the song with its heavily distorted guitars.


5. In The Arms of Static

This song is definitely the weakest out of the album. The song drones way too much. The vocals have aged terribly. The only credit i give to it is that it does have amazing effects in the song, Like the whispering, the mixing is amazing as-well, Plus the droning guitars is also top teir. It's a good song held back by it's terrible aging.


6. Hyperdrive

Hyperdrive is the most grungy song out of the entire album. Very energetic Guitars, Bass, and Drums. The backing vocals are very much the cherry on top of this song. This song has aged like a fine wine. Definitely on the top 3 of songs on this song.


7. Space Suit

The only complaint I have with this song is How they tried filling up the remaining CD with this song. This song is one of the greatest songs i have ever heard in my 20 years of life. Words can't begin on how amazing this song is. This song is one of the songs I recommend everyone hearing in their life. Every time someone ask's me what my top 10 favorite songs is. In fact this song is the reason why this is my first album review. This Song starts off with a synth lead with what I can only describe as airy guitars. Then all of a sudden the bass begins that sounds deep, Then a simple drum melody fades in. To only go into a more complex rhythm, then the line "It's Perfect" These fuckers already know how perfect this song is. It continues this way. Then the song goes into a very powerful melody after the line "Into me" Where it then takes you on a powerful melody Where the mixing puts 1 guitar melody into one speaker and the other guitar goes into the other which add's the cherry onto this melody. Then on the second "into me" the melody suitably changes with the guitar now going  up 3 in notes then going down with it echoing at the end while the other guitar is jamming away. Then the song slows back down to which I can only imagine is to just give you a breather after going on a musical journey. To only give you some powerful lines then going back into the powerful melody after saying "and let go." The melody suitably changes when the singer starts going "I know it's too bad" Then going to what i consider what i can only call the best barely guitar, guitar solo. Then Immediately  dropping you into an energetic guitar solo which is purely amazing. Then ending it with the same "I know it's too bad" that's sounds more powerful and bleak then the original I Know It's Too Bad's. Then it immediately cuts off to guitar droning which unintentionally goes too long, then it goes to crickets Which i can only assume was too fill up CD space.

This song is honestly one of if not THE greatest songs in Human history. It is genuinely a shame that it was never a hit, local hit, or hell a one hit wonder. It is a song that is barely known and it is a crime. When it should be regarded on the same level as songs like Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana or Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. It is a Genuine shame, hell a crime that its barely known. If you have the time genuinely go check this song out the least.



Nemo's In Stereo Is an amazing Space Rock Revival album that deserves More Attention And more Praise. It is one of the greatest Album To have come out of the 20th Century, and the 1990's. It is a genuine underground gem that people should go out of their way to make sure it never becomes lost media.

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