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reasons why i think boreo (theo and boris) from the goldfinch r gay for eachother

i beleive boreo is canon and here are my reasons. number one, on page 371 of the goldfinch its heavily implied that that theo and boris get fucked up on vodka and have sex with eachother, and its implied that this happens multiple times.

 number two, on page 436 of the goldfinch, boris grabs theos face and kisses him on the lips before they say goodbye until they meet up again as adults. 

number three, on page 437 of the goldfinch the last sentence of the chapter is "even though it was something we both knew well enough without me saying it out loud to him in the street -- which was, of course, i love you.

at one point i the movie theo is also see wearing boris's shirt, im not sure what the timestamp is but it happens. 

and while i called this an essay my friends its not really, its more of a tiny rant on why i believe their canon (sry friends i said ythat 2)

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