The Diary ~ A First-Person Creepy Pasta (part 1)

[archive log #1] 


Archivist: Graham [redacted] 


This library restoration project has proven to be both tedious and intriguing. In just a week, I've uncovered numerous fascinating vintage items. While cataloging the handwritten literature for reference, I stumbled upon an unusual book. Its leather binding exhibited an eerie quality; it seemed to wrinkle around the spine as if the book itself had grown its own skin. This discovery sent a shiver down my spine, adding a layer of unease to my fascination, especially since such a book had never been listed in the library's catalog. 


Upon opening it, I found the title simply read "Diary." This was unexpected, given the ornate design and craftsmanship of the book. Unfortunately, my exploration was cut short as my shift ended early today. Nevertheless, I am eager to delve deeper into this matter tomorrow, though a subtle sense of foreboding lingers in the back of my mind. 

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