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Lingo and quirks I use (and what it means)

SINCE it’s not always obvious, here’s everything I do when typing and what it means.

This will be updated if I ever think of anything more


I will gladly provide a translation if you have dyslexia, use a screen reader, or are just having trouble reading it!

I will sometimes change my ‘s’s to ‘z’s (which im not doing now bc I don’t need to)

This is usually not used in; Names, Locations, Formal addressings (Mrs, Ms, Miss), Company names, song/band names, or song lyrics. I also won’t use it in your pronouns if you ask me not to.

Ex: Thatz zo zilly! / I feel zick…

I use a lot of cat/furry puns.

Now = meow or nyow

For/fer = fur

Per/pur/pr = purr

Hand(s) = paw(s)

Feet/foot = Feetpaws/Footpaw

Everything = Efurrything

Everybody = Efurrybody or Everyfurry

New = mew

Friend = Furriend (or something similar)

Ex: Everyfurry put your pawz in the air!! / Not right meow, I need my purroject to be purrfect.


I don’t use all of these, but I thought id leave them here for anyone who does.

Glomp = a very aggressive hug. May have a running start.

Ex: I luv glomping my frenz!!!

Rawr = I love you in dinosaur. Usually platonic, but it depends on the context. May also be used as a friendly ‘hello.’

Ex: Rawr!! Ilysm bestie!!

Therian/Otherkin/Fictionkin = look it up, you have a search engine im sure. Especially if you’re on here.

Ex: I heard that they’re a therian!

Moirail/Moirailegence = Platonic partners, or a QPR basically. Originates from Homestuck.

Ex: Did you know her moirail is the cheer captain?!

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