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The Diary~ a first person creepypasta (part 2)

[archive log #2] 


Archivist: Graham [redacted] 


Today I entered the library to an unusual chill. Despite checking the A.C. unit, which sometimes acted finicky due to its age, it stubbornly registered an average temperature for the building. Note to self: call the A.C. repairman. Apart from the growing inconvenience of a freezing library—solved only by layering up in one of my many sweaters—an impressive revelation came regarding the mysterious diary. 


As I delved into the first ten or so pages, much was unveiled. It seems this restoration was attempted once before by the mysterious owner of the diary, who was the previous archivist. However, on every page, his name was illegible, as if erased from time by water, ink, and scratches. The diary described the initial days of the project, which mirrored my own experiences: organizing books, basic cleaning, and managing building utilities. 


One detail stood out: the mysterious writer described an indescribable chill in the building, reminiscent of the issues I was currently experiencing. It was as if the cold had seeped into the very bones of the library, lingering like an ancient, restless spirit. This unsettling revelation marked the end of my day, especially as I realized it was time to pack up and head home. The misses would not be pleased if I missed family game night due to an odd feeling induced by a mere book. Till tomorrow then, though I couldn't shake the feeling that something unseen watched from the shadows, eager to reveal its secrets. 

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