Another new book is available!

My new book Hundreds & Thousands: A collection of 100 word stories is available now. You can read it for free with Kindle Unlimited, otherwise it's about three bucks.

I've been writing 100 word stories since August 2022 and have collected 25 of them into this book. There's mostly everyday stuff, with some horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. Below are the first three stories, though only the first is available as part of the free sample. For whatever reason the sample is shorter than my last one.


The rock sat, not paying any attention to its surroundings. The sun was shining, filtered through passing clouds. A lone pine stood tall across the way. There used to be more, but they were cut down to make a park for children who never came. The planned housing development - Pine Grove - ran out of money before any homes were completed. That was about ten years prior, well after the rock was there. Not much was older than rock, especially in this abandoned housing development. Not that rock paid attention to such things - or anything really - it is just a rock.



Victor rubbed his temples and groaned in frustration. He closed the tome before pushing it away in defeat. He was no closer to finding a way to bring his beloved sister, Isabel, back to life, but was himself another eight hours closer to his own eventual death. His eyes glazed over as he looked at the unread stack of tomes.

Four days later, Victor finally found a resurrection spell. He read through the component list and despaired when it called for a dodo bird's feather. He hoped a pigeon's feather would suffice.

Spoiler: it wouldn't. Isabel now craved human flesh.



Tara pushed her text book away in disgust. She didn’t need to know that ducks had a corkscrew-shaped dick, and now she’d probably never be able to forget. Just like she’d never been able to forget that a dog’s dick looked entirely too much like lipstick or that elephant dicks could be moved around like a tail. She’d yet to see a human’s dick and was dreading to learn they had protrusions or maybe bloomed like a flower when aroused. She wished she was into girls just so she wouldn’t have to deal with them. At least pussies were normal.

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