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Ruminations VII

Trying to figure out what I need to do.  I feel like I can see the path to a music career, but it's very difficult, and the pressure of the company continues to weigh on me a lot.  

I'm playing less video games than ever before (still a lot) but more and more times I find myself not trying to log on, there is just too much to do elsewhere, which I'm happy about, that's a good sign.  I just started submitting to a playlist a day and hopefully next time I read this I'll still be on that track.  Trying to balance playlisting, booking, merch, social media, writing.  That's the core of the band to me.  I want to have a message too, I feel like I'm going somewhere and have some parallel thoughts, but the story isn't there yet for me.

Reminding myself we spend very little time here and not to take it too seriously, and try and enjoy myself.  Dad says that it's all mental, and I'm not sure if he's enlightened or trapped. 

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