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Love is...?

What is love?

Love is... pain? Suffering? Why do I think this? The whole story begins about when I met a person named Yarik. When you have been communicating for several months, over time you begin to understand that you are very interested in this person and you begin to slowly fall in love with him, not as a friend, but as a guy. I even remember how difficult it was for me to talk to him about it, even to even somehow hint at it. After a long time, you gain the courage to confess your feelings to him. I start telling him that I want to have a serious conversation with him, he listened for about 5-10 minutes of my silence, in the end I somehow barely admitted to him about my feelings, what’s the result? That's right, refusal. Why? Because.. how to say... He didn’t want this, because he wants me to become like his best friend, but not exactly like a boyfriend. Of course, I was offended and sad that I did not receive mutual love... But on the other hand, I am glad that we are still friends and communicate (even though there are people who, after confession, can stop communicating with the person).


Now you know why, I still believe that love is pain and suffering. You don’t even know when you’ll get it?...

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