vidlii is completely off the rails

vidlii is an old youtube recreation. it always has been. i haven't touched the website in a couple years, so i was like. "hm? is this place still around? i haven't heard from it in a while..."
and so i go onto vidlii... big mistake.

the first thing that i saw on the homepage was funky town gore! if you don't know what it is, i'd recommend not going out and looking for it on your own. but like. what the hell? and it had like. over 100,000 views!

and so i refreshed the page. and i saw the ms pac-man video and right next to it was another upload of funky town gore! i obviously didn't watch these, what kind of loser would do such a thing?! if you do, i have no respect for you.

but like. what i'm trying to say is. vidlii is a gore site now and i find that to be abhorrent. i know that gore is everywhere on the internet and that it's rather easy to stumble upon, but i didn't expect vidli to be like that. i just assumed that it would have shut down, since i haven't heard anything about it in a very long time, but no! there's still a BIG audience on the site, but for the wrong reasons... so the staff have basically abandoned it, i guess. this website seems to have no moderation at all, if videos of people dying is the first thing that i see on here.


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