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[DISCUSSION/VENT] "cringe culture is dead"

the sentiment "cringe culture is dead" is such a bunch of malarkey; why is it that the people who preach that term are always the ones to poke fun at people for doing something unconventional or being visibly autistic?

i've gotten bullied so much for liking gummibär, liking veggietales, being open about selfshipping, and for what? i'm not hurting anybody. what's the big issue?

this also goes the same for when i see people use "PLUR" in some online spaces. a lot of ravers i've seen on twitter and stuff preach PLUR, but it's like they don't even know what it means... peace love unity respect... the people that i see use it spread so much hatred because they spend so much time engaging in online discourse; it leaves me so heartbroken!

so, like. the human experience is imperfect. we all do "dumb" stuff, but a lot of that stuff is just us trying to enjoy our lives. quit wasting your time being mean to people and just learn to improve yourself. you aren't making the world any better if you're spreading negativity. we already have a lot going on in the world right now, anyway.

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