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a message i sent to a friend today

summarizes my thoughts on a lot of this shit

yeah i recently realized social media has changed from random cool people blogging to algorithms forcing us all to be Human Product if we want 'an audience' even if it's an audience of j our friends. retro social media like spacehey is so much better

but even that's like. just a part of the Data Collection that Online Corporations do

and also the government ig

but yeah i'm someone who likes to reinvent themselves often even if it's just a nickname and a new outfit or whatever and it feels unfair that they get to just Store my Past Incarnations in a server somewhere

lmfao that might not even be a real complaint i'm just weird 

but yeah i just got the urge to Shed the Social Data

to replace it / to still have a thing to show my friends, i actually started scrapbooking lmfao 

it's been fun

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