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Things I find nostalgic that nobody talks about today

Giant compilation of things I find nostalgic to me that other people have probably heard of, but aren't as widely talked about nowadays <33

Feel free to drop things u like about the things in these lists or comment other things you find nostalgic!!! :) you never know who else may have liked it too + you can make a new friend!

*also, if you've been having a bad day, go into the youtube videos section! most of the videos there are either memes or YTPs that are really funny imo :) hopefully they can help cheer you up <3

Shows + movies!
(some of these have links to where you can watch them for free + legally :)

HEAVILY UNDERRATED!!!! I watched this show RELIGIOUSLY on dub as a child. It's like winx club, except w reverse magical girl transformations and demons vs angels !! the plot gets a little weird tho in the following episodes, but the character designs are SO COOL!


    this is like; just an average kids show ab this super bouncy animal guy named Wubbzy and his friends and its just this silly little educational tv show :D

    fairly popular kids show featuring these rly cool fruit-themed girls living in a fruit/sweets world lmao; its rly cutesy and lighthearted :) can't find any more of the 2D animated show, but both the 3D and 2D renditions of this show ARE SO NOSTALGIC TO MEEEE 
    • Charlie and Lola (available to watch legally on the Roku channel and Pluto TV)

    A British flash animation series ! I think this show is pretty underrated--follows 2 siblings who just learn about their surroundings. its rly wholesome and cute.

    this aired a bit later; around 2015 or so. rly cutesy bratz-esque girls show ! its more like...kinda cheesy, but the character designs are so awesome :)

    • Ruby Gloom (playlist full of official full episodes from TreeHouse Direct linked)

    a more alt/gothic kids show from 2006. its not anything scary tho; its rly rly cute :) u can watch it on Tubi or Amazon!

    Predecessor of all the new trolls movies!! if you like old 2000s shows [and not aaaas cringe stuff as the movies, i swear this is actually such a gem!] this is the PERFECT show!! its kinda like bratz in a way too, but its more focused on hairstyles :)

    Based on one of the first book series I read in english by Louis Sachar (same guy who wrote Holes). When I realised they made it into a show I immediately fell in love--it's so good + its just everywhere!! i suggest reading the books first though if you haven't because it will make more sense I promise!

    A children's show based on flowers + gardening aesthetic. I don't really remember much about it, but I loved this show as a kid SO much!

    • SuperWhy (playlist full of full episodes linked from official YT channel)

    Educational TV show from the 2000s that taught English; it's about this guy who goes into stories and becomes a superhero with his friends and helps the people living in the stories. I still have some action figures of them lol

    Basically 2 kids who befriend the grim reaper n go on adventures with spirits and stuff. It's a kinda kooky + creepy kids show, so if you like Ruby Gloom and Invader Zim, you may like this.

    • Asterix and Obelisk (One full movie linked; Asterix the Gaul; not sure if its public domain yet, but it hasn't been taken off of youtube for the past 6 years)

    An old kids show I used to watch a lot on dub. Based on the French comics from ~1960s. 

    • The Smurfs Show (playlist w the original episodes from the official Smurfs channel)

    The smurfs. Enough said. *NOT THE NEW SHOW; THIS IS THE OG 2D SHOW!! If you didn't watch this show as a kid, I'm sorry :C this was literally one of the biggest shows of my childhood

    Even though this is originally a Polish cartoon from ~1960s, it has no dialogue so people who speak pretty much any language can understand it :) Basically about a kid with a magic pencil that makes anything he draws real life. It's so cute!


    Giant spotify playlist w/ more 2010s nostalgic songs linked HERE!

    The following 2 were from Nighti's Music Channel (1 hour firefox techno mix)

    DJ Splash - Sound of My Dream

    SEREBRO - Mi Mi Mi (unsavory lyrics warning)

    Fool's Garden - Lemon Tree


    Gigi D'Agostino - Bla Bla Bla and The Riddle (these animated videos are actually so awesome)

    Gummy Bear Song (yeah you guys know this and probably think its annoying, but I love it anyways) 

    also these other two songs that I fondly remember from the gummy bear album: Nuki Song and Bubble Up

    ...and another gummy bear song I hate so much but is still nostalgic (and probably predicted the whole gegagedigedagadao trend): Cotton Eye Joe Gummy Bear Remix

    These next 2 were songs that were from my country's dance hits that I was obsessed with:


    Duck Life (Links to: Duck Life 1, Duck Life 2, Duck Life 3, Duck Life 4, Duck Life Treasure Hunt

    Duck Life 4 link is not the og flash game; cant find an emulator that is the original :/

    Duck Life 1: The original of the series; it's a pretty basic game. Train the duck in different stuff to race and beat other ducks. Simplest of the game series.

    Duck Life 2: The second part of the series. Still fairly simple, but there are more elements in the training levels. There are obstacles in flying training, and there are more customisation options.

    Duck Life 3 Evolution: This game is rly a tribute to my childhood..theres a lot of hidden references to other games, as well as domo kun semi final bosses!!! but because now there's multiple levels and types of ducks to choose from that can impact how well your duck competes. There is also the new implementation of 

    Duck Life 4: Personally my favourite of the original 4! there is so much customisation options [duck colour, eye colour, patterns, etc.] but it stays true to the retro feel of the game! :) now there are various cities to train in, mini-bosses within cities, and varying obstacles based on terrain! There's also more training minigames within training. eg. when you go swimming, you can also try diving, cave swimming, and the normal swimming option. 

    Duck Life Treasure Hunt: An endless runner game featuring the ducks from the og games. This is completely different than the first 4. The original version had a couple extra features, but it has been updated since then on app stores on various platforms :')) I cant find an emulator that has the original version and is playable, but if I ever encounter one I'll make sure to link it!

    Moshi Monsters (OG version not available to play anymore, reboot linked)

    Little pet-collecting game. I used to play this alot as a child next to animal jam, but not many people talk about this as much as AJ.

    Prodigy (OG version not available to play anymore, the site updates regularly and the graphics have been mostly changed.)

    Can't find a good screenshot of the OG version. Kind of like Pokémon games, except it was used by a lot of schools for educational learning. It used to be more game based than learning, but the devs caught wind of it and began to update it. (lol i still have all my original pets that aren't made anymore like Rack-Rack and Aureate.)

    Basically, youre a wizard or witch and u use math and english to cast spells and attack opposing creatures and bosses. You also can customise your appearance and house.

    Used to be very fun; the new updates made the art more modern + updated the worlds.

    Fer.al (was shut down by WildWorks in 2022. Ik that this is newer, but I have a lot of fond memories of this game.)

    This game made by WildWorks was supposed to be for all the AJ kids who grew out of AJ. This was an open world RPG where you could be a mythical creature and complete quests and harvest goods in different worlds.

    This was made for a more mature audience, as there was uncensored chat, vc, and you could customise your appearance A LOT. and i mean A LOT. it was a rly cool + complicated interface.

     I actually played this game during beta testing and had access to a lot of features that newer users didn't lmao. During COVID it got into early access and it became more popular, but it never reached full release. It later got turned into an NFT game called "Cinder" and then shut down altogether. 

    It was REALLY fun and I made tons of friends, but sadly I never got to say bye to them and the discord was shut down as well :C the lore was also amazing.

    It's rly sad that wildworks preferred money from NFTs rather than all the users who'd gotten attached to the game. [hence why i dont support them anymore]

    YouTube Videos + YouTubers


    • Bill Wurtz
    • Noisepuppet
    • DaThings
    • Cs188
    • DanTDM
    • Thecomputernerd1

    YouTube Videos:


    *Most of these I've gathered up from various people including my friends list + my acquaintances in America to find more things that other people are familiar with :) 

    • Vine [a video sharing platform that shut down in 2017; known for memes]

    • Zoomer [little robot dogs]

    • Pillow Pets Dream Lites [those light up pillows that project stuff onto your ceiling]

    • Password Journals [journals that only opened with a little voice recognition thing; usually distributed by Mattel]

    • Candy Land [board game]

    • Calico Critters [little fuzzy dolls that you can collect + theres doll houses too]

    • Butterfly Hairclips [these really hurt if u got your hand stuck in them]

    • iPod Nano / MP3 Players [they still sell some in the version of MP3 players on Amazon :) mine lasted me over 10 years] this was my first electronic device i owned; mine could hold up to ~8GB music.

    • LPS [Littlest Pet Shop--you've probably heard of this one. also a tv show but the collectibles were cuter tbh.]

    • Silly Putty Eggs [Little red plastic eggs filled with this peachy coloured putty that is very bouncy]

    • Hair Glitter Stamps [these were so cool; basically they were filled w a sticky glitter substance and ud push them onto ur hair and it'd leave a glitter stamp on ur hair!]

    • Neon Gel Pens [theyd randomly stop working and it was so annoying omg--i still have a couple of them in my room actually :0]

    • Plastic Vampire Fangs [I loved just pretending im a vampire w them; especially the glow in the dark ones!]

    • Velcro Tennis Ball Game (not sure of what this is rly called, but my family used to bring these to the beach or lake and play catch with them)

    • Mood Rings (I love these still. I'm sorry; idc if theyre not truthful--theyre cool af and some of the ring designs are so cute!)

    • Stick-On Earrings (Where did these go :C i loved pretending I had multiple earrings at once)

    • Peel Off/Scented Nail Polish (I actually wish that I could still have some of this; it was SO easy to take off + no nail polish remover was required !!! also it smelled nice + it was sparkly)

    • Roll-On Flavoured Lip Gloss [There's still some sold on amazon, but its not the original :(]

    • Lego Friends Lego Sets (from 2012-2013) [the og lego friends sets; the ones that didn't have all the fancy new graphics on the boxes and were more simple.]

    • Lego Chima Sets (2013-2015) [ok I'm mad about this series being discontinued. i was OBSESSED with these and they were so freaking cool. it sucks that the new generation of lego kids wont be able to build these sets anymore :C]

    • Lego Elves (2015-2018) [im also really mad about this. These sets were a bit more complex + had SUCH PRETTY DESIGNS!!!! also the minifigs were awesome even though they were lego friends-type figures.]
    • [image wont load sometimes; if u cant see it just search up lego elves]

    • Zoobles - I got one from one of those machines where u put in a coin and twist and a capsule comes out lol. Basically, they fold into this spherical shape, and you push on them at a divet at the bottom and it springs out and its a little animal :D

    • Rainbow Loom - BRUH I NEVER UNDERSTOOD HOW PPL MADE THESE!!!! :( THEY WERE SO COOL! basically the kandi of my time lmao

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    For those who like 2000s anime aesthetics, edm or nightcore, check out my anime trance youtube playlist. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrj43aZRZ1Z4rqNq-WjAx1H48ON1kQ7iV&si=-yxIrFA71s15vrnW

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    This is awesome ✨✨

    by xeviant; ; Report

    wow kewl

    by Granblu; ; Report

    ☆ Bones ☆

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    adding stuff to the list (if thats alright)

    Games - Tux Paint, Interland
    Youtubers - Unspeakable Gaming/Unspeakable
    Movies/Shows - The Neverbeast, The Pirate Fairy, Figaro Pho
    Misc - this toy i had when i was a kid https://www.walmart.com/ip/Lil-Rider-Outdoor-Wiggle-Car-Ride-on-Toy-for-Kids-3-Years-and-Up-Green/3528998929?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=0 (idk if yall had it too)

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    by ☆ Bones ☆; ; Report

    Unspeakable used to b my favorite YouTuber when I was younger

    by RS.COM; ; Report

    Used to watch Unspeakable and I think his name was the ExplodingTnt, good times :}

    by ✮Z1RKRON✮; ; Report


    by ☆ Bones ☆; ; Report


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    I miss fer.al!! I also played it in beta and didnt know all the drama, so one day i tried to log in and the servers were just shut down. Are there any more mature aj clones??

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    Not sure; Ik there’s a group of independent software developers trying 2 remake fer.al but I can’t think of the project name atm

    by xeviant; ; Report


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    this reminded me of a site i used to go on so much when i was younger, not sure if many people used it though
    friv, it had some really good games; raft wars, the milk quest, hell even a garfield game cause why not

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    FRIV WAS S TIER it had so many gamess

    by _kotakarnage_; ; Report


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    LEGO ELVES MENTION!!!! I never really got into Lego Friends but I LOVED Lego Elves. Too bad it never really got as popular as Lego Friends. Still listen to the web series theme song sometimes :')

    The TV section speaks to me lol but I just wanna say I loved Charlie and Lola omg, I used to watch it on Disney Junior before going to school. The theme song is still peak, I still listen to it sometimes.
    When I was a kid, I also read the Clarice Bean chapter books (which are by the same author/illustrator, Lauren Child), and I'd love to do a deep dive on them now. They have the same art style. Apparently, Clarice Bean also originated from picture books? Never read those personally though. While I was reading the chapter books, there were full on spinoff novels that came out as well, called the "Ruby Redfort" series, based on the fictional mystery books Clarice is a fan of. I always wanted to read them but could never find them in the bookstore. The lore goes deep lol, would be interesting to explore now, for sure.

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    🚬🜏NicoNicoTeen🜏🚬(Dont send friend requests)

    🚬🜏NicoNicoTeen🜏🚬(Dont sen...'s profile picture

    Those wolves life roblox roleplay games

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    vro omfg i used to watch ruby gloom and the grim adventures of billy and mandy so fucking much omfg

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    by zombii♥︎kissez; ; Report

    ✘Scream Queen✘

    ✘Scream Queen✘'s profile picture

    I used to play a game called feral heart and it's so sad to see how absolutely abandoned it is. It used to be so full of life.

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    Only the real ones love and remember Ruby Gloom, Charlie & Lola, and Wow wow wubbzy. I vividly remember wanting to have Bridgette as a friend so bad, so that we could create weird machines TT
    Also, does anyone remember this Nicktoon called "Creepie"? That girl was lovely

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    kitkat ᓚᘏᗢ

    kitkat ᓚᘏᗢ 's profile picture

    online server games. there used to be so many, i think only a couple exist now. poptropica, club penguin, pixie hollows, animal jam, build a bear workshop, ty girlz, free realms, moviestarplanet, i-dress up, etc.

    to anybody that used to play free realms (i have no idea how popular it was) they're in the works of making a new version, but i don't know if they've made major strides with it.

    i think something we all miss is having a time and place for these kinds of online social interactions. at home on a computer, being excited to open up instant messages or to see your friend online. i think that's the whole appeal of this website and for these kinds of server games, being online at the same time as somebody in your own house. having our phones to carry it around with us all the time made it lose its appeal, i hope this website can give some of that magic back ⋆。°✩

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    The hours I put into the Duck Life games instead of my school work..... A small price to pay for being the Ultimate Champion

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    Mr. Hazard

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    the ability to play retro games online on private servers. I have done it on my Gamecube & PS2 ^^

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    I think the My Scene dolls are so frogotten.

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    Fr, people also forget their amazing flash games

    by Alavenderbush; ; Report


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    Места..особенно если ты когда то переезжал или менял место жительства, те самые вкусняшки из детства..к примеру те самые продолговатые клубничные чупа чупсы со свистком, а киндеры? боже, да я коллекции собирала, а как же всеми любимые фишки?? эра акции а магните с билетиками из серии мультика гадкий я??? у меня помню была целая коллекция и альбом для них, как то раз я взяла его с собой забыла на площадке и ушла на другую.. прихожу, а ам все эти билетики порваны..。゚・ (>﹏<) ・゚。 А РОЗОВЫЕ ДУХИ С ПРИНЦЕССЕЙ?

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    °★°zeke°★°'s profile picture

    rainbow loom omg... the blood circulation in my fingers fully stopped anytime I made like a bunch of them 10/10 good times

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    JELLY 🍉

    JELLY 🍉's profile picture

    omg i completely forgot about rainbow loom!!! :0
    i had a kit at my house when i was maybe 7 or 8? but i don't remember if i successfully made a bracelet with it, and we've moved twice since then :(
    maybe i can see if i can buy one, because i really like these kinds of bracelets!!

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    ⋆。°✩Zastro✩°。⋆'s profile picture

    Sad abt prodigy tho :(
    It looked so cool back then
    They need to make two versions
    Old and new!

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    Darrism's profile picture

    90s CGI? Yeah it was creepy and uncanny but it got me curious, I feel like in terms of music and certain genres like vaporwave or very similar ones that are based off the internet of the 2000s, 90s, frutiger aero or whatever the right words they just have a odd connection.

    The aesthetic and renders of 90s CGI just really hits with me, I don't think I can find the word and it's more than just nostalgia.

    Example: https://preview.redd.it/7lns4a3rz5m51.png?width=1080&crop=smart&auto=webp&s=e8a9093971d7cbe1327b9582fa56775b7a2c1f02
    (Yes it's on reddit, but this is one that appeals to me with it's renders and graphics.)

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    half-life, afreid of monsters и cry of fear...любимые

    by サリー!୨ৎ>ᴗ<; ; Report

    i know exactly what you mean, crazy to think now that it was the most up to date with its time, but it has such a charm to it. something of that era that reminds me of that is a lost game called garage.

    https://lostmediawiki.com/w/images/0/08/Garage_bda.png (here's a picture of it)

    they redid a version recently with mobile and i think it lost so much of its appeal with updated visuals. why does everything have to be the highest quality -_-

    by kitkat ᓚᘏᗢ; ; Report

    Oh my gosh, games with this charm were crazy.
    Reminds me of Fallout 1 and 2, especially the Master and the bad ending as it just eerie and the graphics added to that feeling.

    by Darrism; ; Report