lots of sketches!

here are all of my sketches that i have made after learning shape language and improving my art.

solomon holde + a redesign for SCREAM! (the big one in the dress). i keep changing his design so often cuz like. i'm never that proud of it. i tried making his last design as gaudy and out-there as solomon's, but it didn't work very well. so i'm just going with a plain black dress for now.

orly spaceface when i was tryna figure out how to draw him in my style after learning shape language. i can never decide how i wanna draw this man... i liked how i drew him here, but it seemed a little too complex for me so it was back to the drawing board, i guess.

impact firasys sketches

harvey birdman: attorney at law fanart sketches. x the eliminator and myron reducto are my faves so i drew them lol

FINALLY figuring out how i wanna draw orly. along with weep extrabold, busteaux von spraycan, and impact firasys.

some sorta like. test pilot thing. cuz i wanna make like a 4koma series with these guys. still need to decide a name for the series... it's about weep extrabold, who falls asleep for like 13 years and wakes up to find their entire town has turned into a wasteland and the only thing that still properly stands is an art museum and so weep meets busteaux (a bust statue) and they go on adventures in the art museum and make 2 friends along the way, who join them in their little antics. please suggest names for this series if you can think of one! anyway...

ultra mega captain o. spaceface!! orly's design before his accident that ultimately led him into being demoted to a private and then getting booted off of his own space ship. i finally decided on a good design for this version of orly after like. almost a year.............

...and that is all! i hope you enjoyed these!

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I got no idea who or what im looking at but its great

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