Regarding my name

I do go by Caster and I have for a while now. It's been around a year of me using that name and all my friends have shown me support, using my proper pronouns and refraining from using my "deadname" as much as possible - I do feel gratitude for that. Thank you to all the kind people in my life who have supported my journey in finding myself, I will forever be greatful for everything you have done for me. 

That being said, I would like to discuss something I've been thinking a lot about as of lately regarding my name and pronouns. As said in my profile, I go by it/its but generally don't care if I'm referred to as anything other than that, and that is true. About my name, though, I'm not entirely certain. I have grown to love the name I was baptized as (I am not a Christian). I feel no shame in sharing it, even if some might call it my "deadname". I don't see it as such. Artemis is a beautiful name which I do adore and wish to use, if not for my dysphoria. 

I have decided to use the name Artemius from now on. It is perfectly okay to refer to me as Caster, and I actually would prefer being called that in real life and in my native language by my friends. But on here, and when speaking in the English language, I would prefer those who do not know me personally use Atremius. I apologise if this is confusing to some.

That's all! Just wanted to inform everybody who might care. Thank you for taking time to read this. Hope life's been treating you well. Remember to drink water and take care of yourselves. 

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