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How to get into Len'en (A mini guide)

What is Len'en?

The Len'en Project or just Len'en is a 2d vertical scrolling shmup series made by "Jynx", Trick Nostalgie's only member. There are currently 5 games released: 4 shmups for PC and a cafe simulator for mobile. (Forgot to mention, the cafe simulator has been discontinued.)

And contrary to the Touhou fan belief, it is not a Touhou copy. It has notable differences regarding lore, visuals and music.

Games and lore

If you plan on playing the games and don't know where to start, here's how:

Play the games the games in order

  • Len'en 1: Evanescent Existance
  • Len'en 2: Earthen Miraculous Sword
  • Len'en 3: Reactivate Majestical Imperial
  • Len'en 4: Brillant Pagoda or Haze Castle
  • Len'en 0 (5): Book of the Cafe

Also, you'll see that there are locked playables in 1-4. Do not play with them until you finished Len'en 4 in it's entirety, because it happens after said game, thus being hard to understand without context.

Alternatively, if for any reason you can't/don't want to play the games, you can read the dialogues in the Len'en Wiki. (Again, avoid Suzumi Kuzu's route until you finished reading the Len'en 4 story)

Translated scripts from the wiki:

If you have any question, or you'd like me to add something, feel free to tell me!

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