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Books about mental health and that are relatable if you are struggling w mental health

Now serious TW on many of these books. Some might not be suitable if you are in a awful mental state. They're rlly just highly relatable, attack on certain morals and topics often underminded.  So beware.

Scars by Cheryl Rainfield: It has serious TW and the cover is very trigerring. There are hints of a very large age gap relationship (not romanticized. Very unhelathy.) Self-harm, institutions, and talk of mental heath. Its a book of a girl who goes to a ward that helps her w her mental health and to stop. She meets odd ppl and i believe there are HUGE mentions of SA and sexual abuse.

Go ask Alice by Anonymous (Beatrice sparks): AMAZING book about drug abuse and how to overcome it and what loss can occur by addiction. A diary set place in 1970s, she lets you in on her life and struggles w addiction. At some point she even run aways from hoke bringing and amazing twist in the entire story. Though, this book does not have an amazing ending. It is a beautiful book about the negatives of drug abuse.

How to say goodbye in robot by Natalie Standiford: Great book. Seriously underrated. Talks about mental health and a girl who fell for a boy with heavy social anxiety and mental issues. There is a hint of romance, or well love. But its not actes upon. It made my heart ache and the ending is bittersweet.

Pulp by Robin Talley: A queer story of two lesbian woman in different eras. Goes to the past at times and present. One of the girls (present) is a lesbian with a dysfunctional family and just broke up with her gf. The other lesbian (past) is in the 1950s, terrible era for queers and struggles with her identity and mental state as she falls for a woman. 

Girl in pieces by Kathleen Glasgow: a book about a girl who self harms and has to go through self acceptance. She goes to a mental health hospital for it and stuff. Theres heavy topics as drug abuse, alcoholism, su!cide and self harm. It tackles heavy topics and shows you how a girl tries to overcome them.

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson: a book of a girl who experiences SA at a party one night and is hated for the rest of her life bc she called the cops. It battles through what happened to her and her mental health as well as the difficulties in school and with such a heavy topic no one seems to believe you in. Its beautiful and tackles such a heavy topic ppl shy away from. 

Anyways yeah, thats all of the books I can think off the top of my head. Some are very underrated and I recommend you check it out. If I think of more, I'll make another blog.

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