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side order music appreciation post

ok i love the gameplay and story but if i had to say my fav thing about side order it would honestly be the music. like idk how to explain it but all of the music does its job really well. whenever i heard routin3s i would immediately get so stressed because i knew the level was about to be full of the charger enemies..... and unconscience + short order + spectrum obligato ebb and flow were all so good as boss battle songs. unconscience specifically was so unnerving. 

the music in the area outside of the spire gives me a weird feeling that i dont really know how to describe.. it feels kind of lonely? and a bit ominous too. its also super super cool how the floating orbs and cube things affect how loud you can hear some stuff out there. if u own side order and have no idea what im talking about rn, and you arent in the middle of a run, just go into side order and stay in the area outside the spire (the order sector, like where you first spawn in) and look up and listen to the music. certain items that pop up correspond to noises in the order sector, like the squares making a drum sound i think. its really cool

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