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My collections

Soda tabs

   - total: 654

   - normal tabs: 580

   - monster tabs: 65

   - redbull tabs: 4

   - rockstar tabs: 1

   - other/idk: 5


   - total: 2 (and a jar of teeth)

   - 1 deer vertebrae, something from a Beaver I think?? (friend gave it to me), and a small jar of deer teeth.

   - Side note I had a whole bag full of more deer bones that I dug up myself (including ribs, vertebrae, and a whole pelvis in amazing condition but my parents threw it away and I'm still so upset abt it. That pelvis was such a score).

   - not bones but I have 2 wet specimens (both snakes).

Pokemon cards (I don't play, just collect)

   - total: 787

   - pokemon: 530 (might categorize them by types)

   - energies: 112

   - trainers: 90

   - codes: 50 (I don't use them so I just kind of keep them??)

   - those big ass cards: 3


   - total: 4

   - 1st one was from my dad and it has an antler handle and the blade has all these pretty swirls. 

   - 2nd one I got for $15, it's a spring auto assist tactical (?) switchblade (?) and the blade is black, and the handle is white. 

   - 3rd one is really small (and kind of shit quality) which was given to me for self defense (but I like my switchblade more loll). 

   - 4th one was abt $16 from the knife store at the mall, It has a spring assist open, it's silver with a black blade, and it has a green/blue cross on it.

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coool!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont rwally collect things, but here is stuff that i have lol

257 of those bread tab thingies
blue - 35 / white - 57 / orange - 9 / green - 21 / grey - 13 / black - 3 / beige-ish - 55 / red - 27 / yellow - 37 /
the bread tabs are sorted in colour because the colour is which day the bread it was made, im confused because i have 9 different colours and there is most definitely not 9 days in a week lol.
i also found like 11 of those can tabs among the bread tabs for some reason

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Ooo thats really cool!! Bread tabs are cute, and I didn't know that the color had a meaning :)

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